Preconception Counselling

Why is Preconception Counseling Important?

Preconception counseling is one of the most important things every couple should do ahead of the pregnancy journey.

Why is Preconception Counseling Necessary? 

Here are some of the main aims of preconception counseling:

  • Achieve healthy pregnancy
  • Decrease the risk of a pregnancy loss
  • Decrease the chances of complications
  • Decrease the chances of birth defects
  • Improve mother’s health
  • Identify medical conditions of a mother

Preconception Counselling


Who Should Get Preconception Counseling?

Women should get preconception counseling if they have:

  • Genetic condition
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Hypertension
  • Nutrition deficiencies
  • Diabetes
  • High exposure to toxins
  • High exposure to teratogens

Remember, the main goal of preconception counseling is that it will help you understand what the risks are and know what you can do to avoid pregnancy complications along with many other things. 


5 Benefits Of Preconception Counseling 

  • Proper Planning: With preconception counseling, you and your partner can properly plan out everything in the best way possible.  From how to increase your chances of getting pregnant to the things that you need to avoid doing throughout your pregnancy, you will learn everything during your preconception counseling.
  • Discover New Things: You will learn a lot of new things about pregnancy by simply attending preconception counseling appointments. Remember, the main goal of preconception counseling is to help you out in knowing the risks of pregnancy, what you need to avoid doing, what you want to do, and how to keep yourself and your baby safe.
  • Get Proper Wisdom: Like what we said above, you will learn a lot of new things when you attend preconception counseling. The counselor will make sure that you and your baby are taken care of throughout the journey. Not only do they help you stay healthy, but they will also help you feel like someone’s there for you.
  • Better Communication: Communication is important throughout pregnancy, which is why you need to make sure that you are doing everything when it comes to telling your partner what you feel like and what you are going through. The more communication you will engage in, the better the journey will be for you and your partner.
  • Come Up With Solutions: If you face any issues or problems throughout your pregnancy, preconception counselling will help you and your partner to come up with working and effective solutions. You have to keep in mind that the goal of the counselor is to help you have a successful and healthy pregnancy journey, which is why they will only advise you on something that would be the best for you.

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