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Which Things Parents Shouldn’t Say to Kids When They Lose?

Kids usually get really excited when they participate in any school competition or event as in joy they prepare really well to perform their best in that event. More than this, the kids are very happy as they have practiced for so long to win their school activity. 

But by any chance, they weren’t able to perform really well and lost the event. At that time, they usually feel bad and start to lose their confidence so they turn to their parents for their support and want to share everything with them.

Then it becomes the responsibility of parents to handle their kids and say those things to them that will make them feel better. While doing that, they sometimes end up saying bad things to them which are not appropriate for them and affect their confidence. So, this blog is really important for parents, as they will get to know what things they have to avoid and what they have to start saying to their kids. 

Important Things That Parents Shouldn’t Say to Kids When They Lose 

Below, we are listing down those important things that parents need to avoid so that they can make their kids feel good and confident, and increase competitiveness in them:

That Was Too Hard Anyway

Whether it’s a competition or anything else, if kids lose, they almost lose their confidence and expect parents to stand there for them. At that point, sometimes parents tell kids “That was too hard anyway.” 

This not only affects them but also their confidence, and they start feeling like they can’t do anything anymore. Instead of saying this, parents should use those words that make them feel good and let them practice hard such as:

You Can Do This, Just Practice Hard.


We Believe in You.

and so on through which they can improve their performance and win in the coming time. 

You Didn’t Give Your Best

Kids while playing games during the family outings weren’t able to win, at that time parents usually get angry with them and end up saying “You didn’t give your best” this not only lowers the kid’s confidence but also affects their practice. This is because when they get this thought in mind, they can’t do anything easily.

So, parents should not say only bad things to kids but encourage them to practice more and prove that they are best for themselves, which will make them feel confident. Instead of this, they should say: 

You Give Your Best


I’m Sure This is Possible for You

It Didn’t Really Matter

Kids, when hearing this even after not winning in any event, feel that these competitive things don’t matter. This not only affects their performance when competing with others but also makes them feel that if they don’t take part in these kinds of activities, even then their confidence will boost.

Due to this reason, parents should not promote this bad habit to reduce their confidence but should suggest to them the practice hard and make it up the next time. They should say positive things like:

Learn From Your Mistakes & Don’t Repeat Them!” 


We Believe You Can Do This!

and many more.

Final Thoughts

Being parents, it’s their responsibility to encourage their kids to practice more and perform well to boost their confidence and win. So, for that, they should avoid saying these things to promote everything good in them. Instead of this, they should say positive things to them in bad situations to boost their confidence of putting more effort to win the other time.

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