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What are the Stages of Prenatal Development during Pregnancy?

Prenatal Development is basically the growth & development of the baby inside the womb until it gets into the hands of the mother. This is a really important process during a woman’s whole pregnancy.

Everyone knows about this development but does not know about the different stages by which a fertilized egg actually grows into an infant inside the womb. So, to clear up the knowledge about those phases, we are here with this informative blog.


Through this post, people will actually get an idea of the stages through which the egg gets developed into an infant inside the womb. So, let’s start by sharing information about all the important stages of prenatal development:

  1. Germinal Stage

This stage generally starts when sperm and egg actually infuse together into one of the two available fallopian tubes. In this stage, a zygote, or fertilized egg, gets inside the uterus and is combined with other essential cells to actually start the production of a baby. Other than this, there are some key events that take place during this stage, such as:

  • Conception: When the sperm and egg are fertilized, the zygote actually starts taking shape.
  • Cleavage: In this, a zygote or fertilized egg quickly divides into a ball of cells known as a morula.
  • Blastocyst formation: In this, a hollow ball of cells, is created by the morula.
  • Blastocyst implantation: Under this, cells actually fuse with the uterine lining.

This stage is really important, as during this stage, the women actually get to know that their cells have successfully fused with each other and that they are pregnant.

  1. Embryonic Stage

This is the second stage, which starts its process after the germinal stage. During this stage, the embryo starts growing faster, and the major organs of the baby’s body start to form. In this phase also, there were many key events that took place, such as:

  • Blastocyst implantation: The cells, after fusion with the uterine lining, start another process.
  • Formation of Neural Tube: This formation eventually gives rise to the development of a baby’s brain and spinal cord.
  • Organogenesis: Under this, major organ systems, such as the digestive system, heart, lungs, and kidneys, start to take shape.
  • Leg formation: Legs start to take shape.
  • Development of the cranium and face: The skull and face start to take shape.

Not only, the baby’s major organs start to take shape, but the mother’s body also starts changing its shape as a new offspring is growing inside their womb. 

  1. Fetal Stage

This is the third and final stage of a woman’s pregnancy. It’s because, at this stage, not only the major organs but also the baby starts to take shape. With this, women’s wombs actually start to get heavy as new offspring is developing in the womb. After fertilization at this stage, the woman is actually prepared to give birth to a healthy baby and start her new life. 

Final Thoughts

From the above-mentioned information, people get the idea that a woman’s body has to pass through all these stages to successfully have a healthy and happy baby. This will help them in the best way possible to start their new life. If you want to know more, you can visit our official website regularly.

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