Understand your child’s personality

Why each and every child react so differently to the same situation? Actually, each one is born with his/her own temperament. How your child reacts to everyday situations, new people is influenced by his/her temperament.

What is Temperament?? We all are born with different temperament. It is related to a set of traits that makes each of us unique, and it’s a powerful factor in determining how we react to the world.

Child’s Temperament: How can one tell what your child’s temperament is? Between 6 and 9 months, most parents begin to see patterns in their child’s behaviors, but temperament becomes more apparent when your child becomes more verbal and social.

Although children can exhibit total four types of personality traits, let us have a look on this in details:

Type1: Fun-loving children:
The fun-loving child is bubbly, bright, and social. They are full of ideas and are playful. They love interacting with everyone. Sometimes their energy can be seen as a fault when they don’t want to sit still or when they interrupt you to share their ideas. They always jump and are ready to play. All in all they are full of enthusiasm.

Some clues that you might have a fun-loving child:

  • They are curious and love to touch and explore.
  • They love to make noise, laugh, and play.
  • They are Creative/imaginative.
  • Eager to please others–likes when others are happy and especially needs you to be happy.
  • May have many friends or change friends often.

Type2: The Sensitive Child:
The sensitive child is calm having sensitive nature. The type 2 child is full of emotions and they are generally quieter. They are often asked to “talk louder” or “hurry up.” They do things on their own time.

Some clues you might have a sensitive child:

  • They have built-in calm demeanour.
  • Their planning’s can sometime take a long time.
  • Type2 children like to know what to expect in every situation so they can prepare for it.

Type3: The Determined Child:
The type 3 child is the most noticeable. The determined child is naturally more physical, active, and stubborn. He/she is born with a drive to get things done on time.

The determined child’s have mantra that is to get the results on time!

Type 4: The Serious Child:
The serious child is always independent, and focused. People often say after watching such kids that “they are mature for their age.

Some clues you might have a serious child:

  • They are not as playful as other children.
  • They can be pretty inflexible when it comes to doing things.
  • He/she is an innate perfectionist.
  • They like to arrange their toys and everything in a specific row. In short they are disciplined.

Whatever your child’s temperament is, you may prefer some of your child’s characteristics over others. Each and every child is born with different type of nature and how he/she will be in future depends upon how to teach your child.

A word from SuperActive Kids:
Always keep in mind that characteristics you find challenging in your child’s early years may turn into positive qualities as he grows. This is totally dependent on how to teach your child in early days of his/her development.

Happy Parenting!!

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