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Top 5 Must-Be-Told Kids’ Stories With A Moral

A key aspect of being human is telling stories. We may communicate knowledge through stories in a way that stirs feelings. They make the material memorable and aid in our understanding of one another as well as that knowledge. More than that, when it comes to narrating stories to kids, it plays an incredible role in teaching moral values, which is why storytelling has its own value and importance.


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Following are the briefed-up stories that would certainly help your children learn more about life.



We have all heard this particular tale before. The conclusion of the narrative is that slow and steady wins the race. The narrative centers on an overconfident hare and a diligent turtle who decide to compete in a race. Due to its speed, the hare wins the race, leaving the turtle in its wake. However, the hare overestimates its chances of success and pauses halfway through to rest. The turtle continues to work while also winning the race.

Moral: Slow And Steady Wins The Race!




Another well-known story from Aesop is this one. This is the tale of a very mischievous little shepherd. He regularly deceives his neighbors by screaming that a wolf has charged him; nevertheless, when they hurry to his rescue, he begins to giggle. However, in one instance, a wolf really shows up at the scene. However, when he cries for aid, the locals don’t believe him, and the wolf devours him.

Moral: People refuse to believe a liar even when he is telling the truth!




The lion and the mouse narrative is one of Aesop’s most well-known stories. When the mouse comes across a sleeping lion, they become alarmed. By unintentionally rousing the lion, he captures it. The mouse begs the lion to rescue him and pledges to assist him later. The idea of the little mouse assisting the lion makes him laugh. However, the lion is captured in a net by a hunter, and the mouse keeps his promise, demonstrating that a nice deed is never wasted.

Moral: A friend in need is a friend indeed




The city of Hamlin, which was a haven for rats, is the subject of this tale. One day, a stranger enters the city and offers to rid it of rats in exchange for 10,000 gold pieces from the mayor. The mayor concurs. The rats are captivated by the melody as the stranger plays his flute. The rats then follow as he makes his way towards the water. Then they begin to drone in the water. The stranger plays the flute once more, this time mesmerizing children, and he vanishes with them into the mountains after the Mayor declines to give him the promised sum.

Moral: This story teaches the Importance of Keeping Promises




The lesson of this story is that selfishness always ends badly. The protagonist of the tale was a guy who kept a magical hen. It produced golden eggs. The man realized that he could make a good living by selling the egg. However, he was unhappy with the amount of money he received and made the decision to murder the hen in order to collect all of the eggs. But once the hen was killed, the hoe turned up nothing. The hen was empty of a golden egg. He lost his riches as a result of his greed.


Moral: Don’t Be Greedy!

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