Movies with Kids


As a parent it is our responsibility to find out ways to cheer up your offspring when they literally feel low. An excellent way of doing that is watching movies together on Friday nights. Now, things become a little more sensitive when it comes to touching the emotional side or inspiring your kids because sadness is the state in which your children really look up to their mom and dad or even elder siblings for emotional support and motivation.

If your child too is feeling low, this is the perfect week to watch a good movie cuddling your little ones to help them ease up a bit. So we’re making things even easier as here is the list of must-watch movies:


Movies with Kids


  • The Lion King

Moral of the movie: Your painful experiences will help you grow and shine

Simba is heir to the throne, yet forced to leave his family after his evil uncle Scar kills Simba’s father Mufasa. Simba returns to his homeland as an adult and faces his uncle (with the help of his friends). The Lion King demonstrates the importance of learning from the past and the fact that growth can be scary. 


  • Moana

Moral of the movie: Go get your dreams, no matter how hard they seem

In a daring adventure, Moana meets demigod Maui. They sail across the ocean encountering monsters and unbeatable odds; yet, Moana fulfills her destiny and discovers her identity. Through this film, Moana teaches us the importance of following your heart. Time and time again, Moana battles between family expectations and where her heart truly wants to be.

  • The Pursuit of Happyness

Moral of the movie: Try until you succeed, nothing great comes easy

A struggling single father (Chris) is evicted from his apartment with his young son and has nowhere to live. Chris lands an unpaid internship at a prestigious brokerage firm. Chris and his young son endure extreme hardship, yet they do not let life beat them. There are so many important life lessons to take from this film; however, one trait stands out – determination. 

  • Remember the Titans

Moral of the movie: Only by getting through a painful change will you succeed

Set in 1971, a town and high school football team is forced to integrate an all-black school with an all-white school. The all-black school football coach is placed as the towns head football coach. An emotional and powerful movie, one coach is able to bring the team together. This powerful movie demonstrates that we must change in order to succeed. We must change in order to move the world forward.

  • The Jungle Book

Moral of the movie: Be thankful for what you have and you’ll be happy

Mowgli is an abandoned child raised in the jungle by wolves, where he is threatened by the man-eating tiger Sher Khan. After being forced from his family (the wolves) he sets off on a quest to find the main village. With the assistance of his friends, he is able to brave the perils of the jungle and confront Sher Khan. In the film, Mowgli doesn’t obsess over the things or life that he does not have. Instead, he appreciates everything around him and uses the environment to his advantage. Cherish what you have and utilize them wisely.

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