Top 3 Evergreen Movies to Watch This Weekend With Your Kids

It goes without saying that every child is highly fascinated by movies. These family-friendly films range from beloved Christmas classics and superhero adventures to timeless musicals, fairy tales about princesses, and animated animals. These timeless classics have the potential to have a big influence on children and families, much like the more recent movies that have received our Common Sense Seal. They are not only incredibly entertaining but they are also loaded with uplifting themes and great role models. 

Some are important cultural icons. Others allow children to glimpse both actual and made-up worlds. Many will make people laugh uncontrollably, and some may even make them cry. But everyone is deserving of a cozy sofa, a bowl of warm popcorn, and some quality time with the family. 


Here are 3 awesome movies to watch with your kids this weekend:


This movie is based on the story of Po, a lazy panda who is the largest fan of Kung Fu in the area. Po works every day in his family’s noodle business, which isn’t exactly practical. Unexpectedly selected to carry out an old prophesy, Po’s dreams come true when he enters the realm of Kung Fu and learns with his heroes, the famed Furious Five — Tigress, Crane, Mantis, Viper, and Monkey — under the guidance of their master, Master Shifu. But before they realize it, the furious and cunning snow leopard Tai Lung is on their way, and Po must protect everyone from the impending danger. Can he achieve his goal of becoming a Kung Fu master? Po pours his heart—and his weight—into the job, and the unexpected hero discovers that his biggest shortcomings end up becoming his biggest assets.


Three musically minded chipmunks called Alvin, Simon, and Theodore discover their tree has been felled and transferred to Los Angeles while living in a tree farm. They encounter the dissatisfied songwriter David Seville there, and despite a disastrous first impression, they win him over with their vocal prowess. Everyone agrees to sing his tunes after seeing the potential for success. Even if the challenging trio makes achieving that goal a hard effort, the hope does come true in the end. Their shady record boss Ian Hawke, however, intends to split up this family in order to profit off the Chipmunks, so their success comes with its own challenges. In spite of the fake splendor all around them, can Dave and the Chipmunks figure out what they truly value?


You could stumble across the Littles, a family that live in a modest house in New York City. They are, in your opinion, the nicest family you have ever encountered. One day, parents Fredrick and Eleanor little visited an orphanage in search of a sibling for their son George. While there, they run upon Stuart, a little but endearing mouse who appears to have grown up among humans. Everyone adores him, including George, once they adopt him. Snowbell, the household cat, wants Stuart, thus that is one issue in Stuart’s life. But when danger almost immediately arises, Stuart needs to return home before Snowbell’s pals learn about him.

Bottom Line:

Are confused which one to watch? Pick any one and We assure you that you would get at least something out of it to take with you for lifetime. For more interesting articles like this, stay in touch with Superactivekids®. 

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