Tips to Protect your Baby From Infection

Tips to Protect Your Baby from Infections When You Are Sick

Babies- the most precious gift of God. A baby is a blessing. A gift from heaven above, an admirable little angel to cherish and to love. The cry of the suffering of a baby is indeed the punishable one for the parent.

If somebody in the house is sick the main focus of parents should be to protect the baby from the sickness as his immune system is quite low as compared to an adult. If someone in the family is not well then there is a high chance that the baby will get infected. So it becomes the prime duty of the family members to protect their loving child from any type of infection.

Today we are here to help you out with 7 very simple tips on how to keep your baby calm and happy when you are sick.

  1. Wash your hands often

Germs can linger on your hand’s surface especially when you are not well. So the practice to be followed is to wash your hands often. It helps to kill the virus in your hands and you can be in touch with your child happy and without any fear.

  1. Avoid giving lipped food to a child

A child as we all know is a quite pampered one. The important aspect to be kept in mind is not to give lipped food to your child as it may carry infectious bacteria to the child which may harm him.

  1. Do not pass air puff of your mouth to make the hot food normal to eat

To make the food normal to eat (hot to cold) parents generally blow the food with the mouth. Which is entirely the wrong practice being followed. By doing so your breath carries germs to the child’s food which leads to the child’s suffering from an infection.

  1. Disinfect the feeding bottle

A feeding bottle will replace you when you are not able to feed your child. In order to feed him, you need to disinfect the child’s bottle. Sterilize it well. Boil the water first and then put the bottle in it. It helps to kill the germs and make them ready to make your child happy and satisfied.

Tips to Protect your Baby From Infection

  1. Encourage personal hygiene

The utmost important thing to be kept in mind is personal hygiene. The person who is in close contact with the child needs to bathe every day, comb your hair daily and change your clothes every day. It prevents bacteria to linger over and spread.

  1. Household cleaning

The house should be kept clean and tidy. Dustbins should be properly covered, dirt should not be scattered everywhere. House should be cleaned well moreover; mopping must be done with using disinfectants.

  1. See the doctor

If the child’s condition is not improving see the doctor immediately to avoid a last-minute rush and risk your child’s life.

  1. Smile

Don’t forget to smile whenever you look at your child as your smile works wonders on your kid. If you will produce positive vibrations then the environment would be a happy one and the child will love to see that everything is going fine and smoothly.

These are few precautionary measures. Following these may help you to handle situations and continue your enjoyable life with your loving ones again.