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Tips For Homeschooling Special Needs Kids During Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot of lives in the past 1 month. It has forced a lot of people to stay home and has risen up anxiety levels, considering the fact that there is no slowing down of the virus’s spread.

Parents all over the world are making sure that their kids are not being affected by all the negative news that is on the internet and on the TV.

In order to make it easy for your special needs kids, you want to follow tips that are being given out by experts.

Dr. Annette Nunez, a psychotherapist, owns a clinic that helps children with Autism, and their main goal is to provide programs to special needs kids that aim to focus on behavioral, cognitive, social support, and academic classes.

Dr. Nunez said she is currently working with families that are trying to adjust to homeschooling.

The doctor, who runs the Breakthrough Interventions, said kids with Autism are known to crave routine.

To cope up with their activities, parents can help them adjust in a number of ways.

Nunez said, “Create a schedule. I recommend parents create a schedule for themselves and also a schedule for their children,”

The doctor says parents should structure their child’s schedule just like it would be a school day.

She recommends setting a specific time to start and end the academic portion of their day.

Nunez also recommends parents to change the activities for their kids every 45 minutes and carry out a number of breaks throughout the day.

She says parents can use this time at home to focus on non-academic activities and goals for their children.

The doctor said, “Have goals set for your kids like dressing themselves independently or using utensils when they eat.”

Dr. Nunez added, “Schools aren’t focusing on that so now is that time that you can give that extra attention and focus on that.”

Not only that, but you should also designate a specific learning space in the house for your kid.

Nunez said, “That way they have a specific place to go to and they know this is my learning time. And then they know that the other areas of the house can be for the break, for eating lunch and dinner.”

When it comes to breaks, Nunez said it is completely okay to allow your kids to use technology.

Your kids can use their tabs or watch TV for 30 minutes to 60 minutes each day.

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