Things That Every Teenager Should Be Able to Do on His Own

Things That Every Teenager Should Be Able to Do on His Own

There’s no doubt accepting the fact that children of today are not as physically active as the children of the previous generations. Although they might be sharp mentally, they still are not able to take care of themselves. That is why our team of experts has gathered information on self-care tasks that every child must be able to do themselves so that they can get ready to step into the real world.

Things That Every Teenager Should Be Able to Do on His Own

  1. Cooking: Cooking is a prerequisite to becoming self-dependent, especially these days when teens prefer to go away from their homes to get themselves the best education and work exposure so as to ensure that their potential is fully utilized. Otherwise too in today’s time, every teen should know how to cook as they might often find themselves home alone. 
  2. Laundry: Washing clothes is not just a part of learning how to live by yourselves but is also the right way to take care of oneself. In some cases where children live in hostels or boarding schools to pursue higher education or even in real life, they must know how to take care of their clothes.
  3. Use Public Transport & Commute Alone: College or school-going adolescents must know how to travel using public transport, including the knowledge of student discounts and student cards. This ability would make them future-ready.
  4. Go To School On Their Own: These days, almost all mothers and fathers work to make the ends meet. So, in such a case, it becomes important to be capable enough to go to and come from the school in order to become more self-reliant.
  5. Run Groceries: Teens generally depend on their parents or elderly ones to do all the groceries and do not know much about it. However, it is a basic survival skill that every child must know about. According to experts, it is important for parents to start involving their children in grocery shopping from their children’s very young age. This way they would understand a bit more about household expenditure, preparing them for future financial management.
  6. Take Care Of Their Younger Siblings: Teens commonly may need to look after their younger siblings in the absence of their parents. Therefore, babysitting is something that every teen must know.
  7. Showcase Good Manners And Behaviour: children in their teenage should always be taught to display good etiquette everywhere they go. This would bring them more respect in society and would help them be a better person. 
  8. Show Compassion Towards Other Living Beings: Compassion is something that the generation nowadays lacks. Therefore, it becomes necessary for parents to teach the value and importance of compassion to their children so that by the time children reach their teenage, they are able to use this quality to make this world a better place.
  9. Take Responsibility For All Domestic Chores: all parents should always indulge their children in domestic chores like cleaning, mopping, dusting, and cooking so that they become capable of taking good care of the house that they would buy in the future.
  10. Create A Bond With Natural World: With the given circumstances, it becomes important to make children realize how important nature is for human existence, and at the speed, at which humans are cutting trees off and hunting animals, the sooner this natural treasure would disappear. So, to protect the natural world, they must be taught to stay connected to nature by may be taking care of a pet or raising a plant.
  11. Basic Self-Defence: Everyone must know fundamental self-defensive moves so that they can protect their family when needed.
  12. How To React In Any Emergency: Every teen by the age of 13 must be taught to react in case of an emergency. This may include calling 911 for help, using self-defensive moves, or helping others in case of a catastrophe.
  13. Pack A Suitcase: Travelling is these days a common hobby of almost all teenagers but they in reality do not really know how to take pack their bags. This becomes a big issue when they are not able to do the same during their own trips.
  14. Swim: Swimming is a basic survival skill that might be needed at any time in life. So, the earlier children are taught to swim, the more will be the chances of their survival in case of any mishap when in deep or shallow waters.
  15. Form And Share Opinions: Teenagers mostly feel anxious about forming or sharing their opinion which is completely wrong as if they, even after being the asset of any country, would not have the confidence to put their opinion forward, how would they be able to protect human rights?
  16. Manage Their Pocket Money: Financial management is a basic thing that every teenager must know. This would prepare them for the upcoming adult life and the real but grim world that would always pull them down. So, helping them manage their pocket money well, every month would mean that the child will be brushing up on his financial management skills.



Hopefully, this blog describes the basic skills that every teenager should have by the time they turn 12 or 13. Without these, it would become quite difficult for them to survive in the real life as they would struggle to even accomplish small tasks on their own. So, how would parents be able to expect their children to accomplish bigger tasks in life?


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