Teenage Drug Abuse: What Are The Common Signs And Symptoms 

Drug usage among teens is on the rise and we listen to several news daily that certain teenagers also lost their lives becoming drug addicts at such an early age. It’s a warning alarm for all of us to do something about it and stop our young generation from consuming the same.

Generation Z also called Zoomers or Centennials have been significantly seen taking drugs ruthlessly while going out with their friends and having partying time. They call it living a high life but they don’t know that this ignorance can one day push them towards depression, emptiness, and finally death.

People who are around the drug-consumers must check the early signs of drug abuse among teenagers and take early necessary actions to help them to come out of this death trap. Here in this blog post, we will explain the common drug abuse signs that everyone must be aware of so that when they see any teenager suffering from those signs, they can step ahead to help them and get them to recover from the same. So, let’s have a look 

1. Physical Symptoms 

The common symptoms first arise in the physical looks which include bloodshot or red eyes, dilated pupils, tired body all the time, and lack of concentration. There would also be changes in the skin texture and complexion, frequent abnormal puffiness, and flushed color. Apart from this, there could be persistent itching in a specific part of the area of the body or the speech can also be slurred. 

2. Paraphernalia 

If you find the following things in any teenager’s room, then it is sure that the person is taking drugs. Those things could include

  • Cigarette wrapping papers
  • Pipes
  • Syringes
  • Rolled up banknotes
  • Cut-up straws
  • Soiled cotton swabs
  • Lighters
  • Burnt spoons or bottle caps
  • Bongs
  • Razor blades
  • “Cutting” surfaces like mirrors or glass

3. Bad Grades 

This is not a very strong indication but yes it can be taken as one of such signs with which you can stay aware about your teenage child’s health condition. He or she might be getting bad grades in their studies or their academic performance is worsening with each passing day. Apart from the bad grades, your teen might also be suffering from a lack of concentration and aptitude in studies. So, if you see all these signs in your teen, then he or she might be taking drugs. 

4. Unusual Tiredness 

You might experience that your child feels low in energy and acts being withdrawn from various daily activities. The unusual tiredness can also creep up on the body which will make him lose interest in performing the daily chores whether going to an office or doing home tasks. This tiredness can also make his physical and mental health worse with time, so it’s important to early evaluate these kinds of symptoms when you see any person behaving like this. 

5. Smell of smoke on breath or clothes 

You can also get to know if the teenager is taking drugs when you feel the smell of smoke from their breath or their clothes. You can check this while you talk to them or when you take their clothes for washing. At that point in time, when you have any kind of feeling that the person has smoked, then you get to know that the person is for sure taking drugs.

Concluding Thoughts 

Drug Abuse is now at its peak these days and if necessary steps are not taken, it can make the situation worse. It’s a warning alert for everyone to soon take necessary measures towards this society’s evil if one wants to save the present generation. Lots of parents are losing their children for this reason and this ratio will increase in the future if protective measures are not taken. For more information on child abuse and safety, check the blog section of super active kids website now.



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