Single Parenting and its effects on kids

Single parenting is also known as single parenthood. It is explained as a parent bringing up a child alone without a partner. The reasons why he/she is doing so can vary.

With development, everything has changed. Earlier, parenting was seen as a very important part of a child’s growth but with the passage of the time, this importance has been neglected. Parents get separated even when they have kids. This set a negative impact on children. And issues are created which in long run affect children and parent both.

The major issues are:

  • Financial Issues:
    Single parents work long hours to meet the financial needs of the family. Kids living in such families have to suffer a lot due to financial issues. This is one of the major concerns. Sometimes kids have to stay away from the things they want to buy because of lack of money. This brings in ego factor and hence children become egoistic. They start hating children with more toys and this sets a negative impact on their mind.
  • Emotional issues:
    Your children are likely to suffer from various emotional factors such as self-esteem problems. They may crave for affection, which they will not get enough because of your busy schedule. If you are a single mother, they may crave for father’s love and vice versa. Thus, they may lose expectations in their relationships later in life. They will take all the blame for their living conditions.
  • Loneliness Issues:
    It is another challenge most single parents face. They will not only be able to share their difficulties with their spouse but also cannot share their joys as well. If the parent is single because of a spouse’s death or any tragedy, it will be even harder for the parent to bear all sorts of responsibilities.
  • Adjustment Issues:
    Children will also face adjustment issues with their single parents. Children may experience issues related to adjustment and they will start arguing, will not listen to their parents. This will happen because they are feeling different from other kids as they only have only one parent. This may be difficult for the children at young age.The above mentioned were a few issues which are faced by parents and kids during single parenting. But single parenthood is not that difficult, proper care and attention can sort out many problems.

A word from SuperActive Kids:
No doubt, raising a child as a single parent is very stressful. As a single parent, you have to handle several tasks and make more than a few decisions. You may require effective ways to manage the special challenges single parents usually experience, to support and nurture your kid. Always try to listen to them, this will solve many issues.

Happy Parenting!!

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