Roles for Grandparents when it comes to New Baby and Parents

Birth of a baby in the family is always a wonderful feeling. Each and everyone in the family is excited about the new addition. Parents, cousins, relatives and grandparents all want to be with the little buddy. Among all of them, grandparents share a special bond with their grandchildren. It is rightly said that there is nothing more valuable than having grandparents be a part of a child’s life.

Grandparents play a great role in the upbringing of a newly born. They are special gifts to the child, let us understand how. Here are the essential ways how grandparents can share some responsibilities to help parents with the new-born:

Take care of your newborn: When it comes to handling the baby, grandparents are the most trustworthy and this is true, parents also believe this fact. Grandparents usually take care of the following:

  • Taking charge of the feeding a few times a day, if the baby is on bottle-fed.
  • Walking around with the baby and making him sleep.
  • Changing the clothes or diapers of the babies.
  • Playing with them.

Helping them with overall development: Grandparents can own the responsibility of speaking in a native language. Introducing languages to new-borns help with their brain development. Grandparents love spending their free time with the kids, and hence learn a lot of things from them which in result help in kid’s overall development.

Give Emotional Support to New Parents: When the baby is born, especially the first baby, parents often feel emotionally exhausted too. These are the times when grandparents can become friends and lend a shoulder to them. Emotional support plays a great role and undoubtedly grandparents are the best at it.

At times, parents choose to exclude themselves from the rest of the family especially grandparents. They might request grandparents to not visit or interfere with the upbringing. This is a personal choice but you are blessed if you have them. Try not to hurt them.

A word from SuperActive Kids:
Having a grandparent is a blessing. Consider yourself lucky, if you have grandparents by your side. They are always there to help you, guide you and lead you towards the right path. Grandparents taking care of their grandchild is not common nowadays. Thank God if you have them.

Happy Parenting!!

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