Relaxing Bedtime Activities to Calm and Connect With Your Children 

Bedtime is not only tucking your child into bed to make him or her fall asleep. But it is the best opportunity for parents to have precious time with their kids. When parents spend quality bedtime with their kids, it inculcates in kids feelings of security, calmness, belongingness, and love. 

As the day winds down, kids become tired and feel the need for a loving cuddle or snug from parents. While laying in bed, parents can indulge their kids in amazing calm, and connecting activities for making their bedtime fun and enjoyable. 

Here in this blog, we will share with you some fabulous activities every parent can do for delighting their kids and to foster a deep connection with them. So, without wasting our essential time, let’s ponder on those brilliant bedtime activities. 

1. Storytime Adventures 

Embracing your children in storytelling is a wonderful bedtime activity every parent can do to involve their kids. Tell stories to kids as per their age or interest or the stories sometimes can be knowledgeable as well apart from being funny and adventurous. While girl children love to listen to fairy tales or tales of friendship, so always try to enrapture your kids in story-telling adventures that also spark up their intellectual abilities. 

2. Dreamy Doodle Sessions 

One can take a notebook and make the child draw something on the paper and color them. A quire and creative doodle session instill in kids a sense of happiness and delight that makes them bright. So, dreamy doodle sessions can be the best activity for kids that can prove to be very soothing and calm for inculcating self-expression in kids. 

3. Lullaby Serenades

Together, sing lullabies to create a musical experience out of bedtime. Children benefit from singing’s relaxing activities that imbibe in them a sense of love and security. Your juvenile will value the sound of your voice even if you are not a trained singer too. 

4. Shadow Play and Soft Glow 

Create patterns and forms on the walls or ceiling using a torch. Encourage your children to create their own shadows and engage in the fun. This enjoyable activity can provide hours and hours of entertainment.

5. Gratitude Journaling 

Parents can also introduce the concept of gratitude to their children by telling them the benefits to write about gratitude. Parents can set up a mini notebook for their children and ask them to write up the things they are thankful for from the day. This practice would promote positive thinking in kids and will also foster their cognitive abilities. 

6. Whispering Wishes 

One can also conduct the whispered wishes sessions with their young torchbearers. Parents while enjoying bedtime with their kids, can play this fabulous activity with their kids in which the kids would have to whisper in his or her parent’s ear about the things they wish for the very next day. Such as  ‘I wish to have a rainy day tomorrow”, and “ I wish to get candies from dad the following day” This type of activity adds a touch of intimacy between kids and parents and the bedtime routine becomes more fun and magical. 


Concluding Thoughts 

As you help your kids develop their bedtime routines, keep in mind that these times are opportunities to deepen your connection, foster imagination, and foster a sense of calm in addition to helping them get ready for sleep. You may make bedtime a cherished time of day where bonds are strengthened, worries are alleviated, and lovely dreams are fostered by including a variety of enjoyable and relaxing activities.


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