Raising children without over-parenting

Over-parenting comes into play when parents try to control everything in their child’s life. Constantly running behind your child to ensure whether they’re making good decisions or not leads to over-parenting. This can even hamper a child’s overall growth and development. Over-parenting usually stems from a parent’s desire to manage their own discomfort as they can’t tolerate watching their child get hurt, fail, or make a mistake.

Following are the warning signs that show you’re over-parenting your child. Always try to avoid these.

  • Constant battles over little things: If you find yourself arguing with your child about the way she styles her hair, you may be preventing her from developing the independence she needs. Parents should avoid these kinds of constant battles.
  • You worry more: If you’re always the only parent who seems concerned about your child, consider the possibility that you may be over-parenting. If you don’t treat your child like a smart, competent human being, you may be cheating them from reaching their full potential.
  • You avoid giving responsibilities to your child: If you don’t expect your children to be independent, they won’t be able to learn life skills. Sparing your child from responsibility will only harm them and as a result, they will fail to handle responsibilities.

Over-parenting can prevent your child from experiencing a rich and full childhood. Try to avoid your interference in their daily lives. It’s not like that you should stop talking to your child, but only limit yourself so that they should not feel like you are over-parenting.

A word from SuperActive Kids:
Over-parenting can start right from babyhood when the baby is born. Parents should take care of above-mentioned points. Although parenting is not easy, parents should not make it complicated.

Happy Parenting!!

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