Qualities That Make a Good or Bad Parent

If you as a parent ask someone about qualities that make a good or bad parent, you may end up listening to different opinions. A parent isn’t intrinsically bad or good. Parent is just the one who makes good or bad choices. Parenting is an ongoing process where parents learn as they experience parenthood.

Let us shed some light on major qualities that make a parent good or bad:

  • Unconditional Love: When you unconditionally love a child, you love and accept him no matter what. Show your kids that you love them. Kiss and hug them daily, no matter what your mood is.
  • Discipline: When a child gets into trouble, a parent has a couple of ways to handle the problem with punishment or discipline. Parents who use punishment do so as a way to make a child stop from what he is. On the other hand, discipline helps a child learn to behave properly. It uses logical consequences that relate to the offense, shows respect and helps a child learn self-control
  • Consistency and Flexibility: Remember that, when your behaviours, boundaries, rules and modes of discipline are consistent, your child will trust you and will feel safe. Also, he will respect your authority. While it’s important to be consistent with your behaviours and values, it’s equally important to practice flexibility as a parent. Making adjustments to the way you parent will help foster independence and intellectual growth, and provide a structured, supportive environment.Remember that you are more than a parent, you are a person with talents, hobbies and others who care about you. As you let your child explore and develop a sense of self, occasionally take time out for your own pursuits but don’t forget that you are a parent first.

A Word from Super Active Kids:
When parents focus on their child’s needs, show that they love and value their child and strive to be good role models, they are implementing positive parenting skills.

Happy Parenting!!

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