week 12

Pregnant Week 12

Entering your 12th week of pregnancy means that you are ending the first trimester. Also during this week, the risk of miscarriages drop by a huge number.

Best Time To Announce

That belly bump is about to show up in the near future, so this is the best time to announce that you are pregnant to your friends, family, co-workers, and other people that ask if you are or not because it will be pretty hard for you to hide that bump in a week or 2 to come.

Body Changes

You will be able to wear your regular clothes at this time, but they will be tight. This is the best time to buy some maternity clothes so you can become more comfortable, especially when you are eating.  At an average, you should be 2 pounds heavier at this point. One of the factors for the extra weight is your uterus, which is growing at a very rapid rate by the way.

week 12

12 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

You might still experience some of your earlier symptoms like nausea, however, these are the ones that you are likely to feel at this point:

  1. Weight gain
  2. Nausea
  3. Vomiting
  4. Increased skin pigmentation
  5. Melisma
  6. Darker areolas around the nipple
  7. Tender breasts
  8. Sore breasts
  9. Mood swings

When to call your doctor

The risk of getting a miscarriage drops near the end of the first trimester. However, this does not mean that you should stop worrying about it. There are some signs that you want to look at constantly so you can prevent that from happening. Some of the signs that we are talking about include:

  1. Bleeding
  2. Bleeding with cramps
  3. Spotting that lasts for 3 days
  4. Spotting that lasts longer than 3 days
  5. Sever pain
  6. Severe cramps

Your Baby

This week, the intestines of your baby are moving back to their abdomen. Not only that, your baby’s bone marrow is now making its own white blood cells, which means that they are able to fight off all the germs that are passed around to them.

The Size of Your Baby

At this point of your pregnancy, your baby weighs around half an ounce. And they are around 2 to 2.25 inches long, which are the average size of a lime.

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