8 Weeks pregnant

Pregnancy Week 8


At this week, the eyes of your baby/babies will start to form. You will not see them, but their retinas have started to form. Not only that, during this week the genitals of your baby start to develop. But it is still too soon for your doctor/doctors to identify the sex of your baby. By the end of the week 8, the essential organs and other body systems of your baby will start to develop.

Week 8 Growth

At this point, your baby is growing at an amazing rate. The baby is currently around .5 to .8 inches right now and is bigger than a raspberry or blueberry. The entire size of the baby is currently hard to know or identify. The growth rate is currently at around 1 millimeter per day.

How Many Moths Left?

Once you reach the week 8 of pregnancy, you are 2 months into it. this means that you only have 7 months left to go! Q

Facts About Your Baby At Week  8

The baby has started to divide the hands into palm and fingers. Not only that, this applies on the toes too! The upper lip of the baby, the tip of that nose, and the tiny eyelids of your baby will also develop at this point.

Your baby has a heart right now, and if you believe it or not, the rate of that is currently 150 to 170 times per 60 seconds. This is twice as fast as your heartbeat. You will not feel this, but you will be feeling some twitches.

8 Weeks pregnant

Pregnancy Symptoms Week 8

  1. Fatigue
  2. Nausea
  3. Vomiting
  4. Vaginal Discharge
  5. Bloating
  6. Gas
  7. Constipation
  8. Food Cravings
  9. Food Aversions

Week 8 Pregnancy Headaches

Along with the expansion of your belly, you will feel some discomfort or pain all over your body, which includes in your neck, head, and back or also your belly. At this point of pregnancy, your blood volume will increase by almost 50 percent, which means more hormones will be developed and you will be getting headaches. You want to talk to your doctor about this and make sure that you get a baby-safe medicine for those headaches.


If you feel any discomfort or pain in your stomach consistently, you want to call your doctor or visit an ER in case something serious happens. It is important to talk with your doctor about miscarriages at this point and know the things that you want to avoid in the upcoming weeks and months.

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