Pregnancy Week 3

Pregnancy Week 3

3 Week Baby Development

At this part, fertilization, which is also known as the joining of the egg and the sperm, is the first step in your child’s development. In the third week into your pregnancy, the fertilized egg will grow from a one-cell zygote into a ball of cells that are known as blastocyst.

At this part, your baby is measuring at around 0.1 mm–0.2 mm, which is equivalent to the size of a pin’s head.

Symptoms At Week 3

At this part, a lot is going on in your body. But it is something that you will not really feel. When you are 3 weeks into pregnancy, you could not tell that you are pregnant and you will not have any physical symptoms, at most cost cases.

If you do, here are the 2 of the most common reported symptoms by pregnant women:

Pregnancy Week 3

  1. Emotions

You will be experiencing a lot of emotional symptoms. Because of the fact that you are waiting to become pregnant, you can be nervous and anxious.

  1. Spotting

When your baby reaches your uterus, it will find a spot to attach or implant into the uterine wall. As it starts to burrow in, it can cause a small amount of bleeding or spotting.

Self-Care Tips

The waiting game on this one is strong, so while waiting, you want to practice some good things that will help you become healthier.

Here are some of the things that you can do while waiting for the test results:

  1. Diet And Environment

If you have been trying to get pregnant for some time or if you just tried, you want to start to have a good diet. Start eating healthy and avoid eating foods that can help you stay healthy and become ready for pregnancy. Not only that, if you have a habit of drinking, smoking or doing drugs, you want to consult with your doctor and tell them about your bad habits. This is the perfect time to change as you get ready to welcome a new being in your life.

  1. Vitamins

It is very important to take prenatal vitamins because you cannot always get all the nutrition that you need through your diet. In order reach the daily vitamin needs, you want to start eating healthy.

  1. Exercise

Another thing that you want to do is exercise properly. Maintain a healthy weight so you can have proper energy, boosted energy, and reduced stress.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) says that it is recommended to have 150 minutes of physical activity in one week.

  1. Pregnancy Books

At this point, you want to start reading books that can provide information, answers to your questions, and tips that can help you become a better mother and a host for the baby. Not only books, watch movies that are available on the internet. Learn as much as you can and help spread the knowledge too!


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