Positive Tricks To Make Screen Time Less Appealing To Kids

With the changing lifestyle scenarios and more inclination towards digitalization, we have been witnessing that kids are more attracted towards using screens. The importance of outdoor games is losing its value which was initially the main entertainment source for juveniles in previous times. The loophole lies in the habits that parents are imbibing into their kids. 

Parents are themselves the culprit somehow behind this cause because they never stop their kids to use less screens. They seldom tell their children to use fewer screens and in reality, screens are used as persuasive techniques to get young torchbearers to consume their meals, take naps, or engage in other specific activities. However, they must encourage their kids to use the screens for a healthy living and for that we are sharing with you some convincing techniques on how they can do that. So, let’s have a look. 


1. Indulge them in Arts and Crafts 

Arts & Craft is the most amusing activity for kids that can attract the interest of children significantly. Boost your child’s aptitude in arts, painting and craft by giving them colors for painting, drawing and sculpting which will uplift their artistic endeavors. You can also make DIY arts projects in front of your kids to develop their interest in arts and crafts. 

2. Storytelling 

Children often like stories and this is one of the best ways parents can withdraw a child’s interest in using more phones and screens. Try to read some intriguing stories from story books and make them listen to it when you sleep with them. This storytelling art can build your child’s interest more in storytelling than screens. 

3. Music and Dance 

Introduce your child to various musical instruments, styles and dance forms and encourage them to sing, play or dance along to their favorite music. Music and dance is something that helps child feel energized and delightful when they listen to the beats. This not only provides entertainment but also improves coordination and self-expression. 

4. Cooking and Baking 

Cooking and baking is another form of entertainment task that kids usually feel interested in. Involve your child in the meal preparation or the tasks like cooking and baking. This would help parents in instilling the virtue of responsibility in their kids and letting them learn the art of serving food as well. 

5. Playsystems at Your Local Park 

Encourage your child to go to the park and explore the play systems out there. The outdoor structures offer a variety of physical activities such as climbing, swinging and sliding that promote motor skill development, coordination and problem-solving abilities. Additionally, going to the park gives kids the chance to interact socially with one another, which promotes cooperation, communication, and friendship-building. Regular outings to the park can promote an active, healthy lifestyle as well as make screen-free time more interesting.


Concluding Thoughts 

It doesn’t have to be a difficult undertaking to make screen time less tempting to kids. You can assist your child in developing healthy screen habits and a well-rounded childhood full of varied experiences both on and off screens by putting these helpful tips into practice. And in case of any kind of kids care tips, do refer to super active kids website for in-depth knowledge. 

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