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Innovative D.I.Y Tuxedo Card to Gift Dads This Father’s Day

On Father’s Day, more than any other day of the year, kids want to make their fathers feel loved and special. Kids begin to organize parties in response to this, but they are unaware of the tiny acts of kindness would make their father feel incredibly grateful and overwhelmed.

It’s essential to take measures because children go above and beyond to make their moms happy and develop strong relationships with them. The same actions kids should show to their fathers so that fathers will get to know they are equally important to them as their moms. By doing so, children may strengthen their relationship with their fathers and convey to them that they hold the same important place for them as moms.

Even after learning about the tiny gestures, kids may still be unsure of how to make Dad feel unique and cherished. They need not fear, though, as we have a creative DIY tuxedo card idea that can help dads feel more appreciated on their special day.

Super Active Kids

So, let’s start by outlining the concept for the DIY tuxedo card:

Materials Required:

Construction Paper (blue, black, white)



Double Sized Tape

Glue Gun


Steps to Follow:

  1. To start with the card first kids should half-fold a piece of black paper and ensure that the fold is clean & crisp.
  2. After folding the paper now there comes the need to cut a straight incision on the top of one side of the black paper to make the look of the card more interesting. Further, to make the look more appealing fold each side of the slit to make them look like lapels.
  3. To give a tuxedo look, now on the reverse of the black paper, tape a piece of white paper.
  4. Not after folding the white sheet and taping that with black paper lapels kids should attach the three buttons to the card front using a glue gun.
  5. It’s time to make the bow for the tuxedo with construction paper to give an interesting look.
  6. Kids can make the look more good by adding pockets on the card and in those special messages can be added.
  7. At last, finish the card by making dots with a pencil to add more detailing.

This cute gesture will make Father’s Day super innovative and loved by kids dad’s. So, instead of planning something big and expensive, kids should do this kind of cute gesture that would be an innovative way to surprise their dads this Father’s Day.

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