How to Make Your Child Interested in Studying

Today, studies have become an important part of everyone’s life and as parents we expect our children to do well in all spheres of life including studies. However, sometimes because of such expectations we may put our child under the pressure. We expect more from them and want them to secure good marks which as a result make them hate studies. Therefore, what should you do to encourage your child to study without taking it as a burden? Here in this article, we shall discuss tips that you may adapt to trigger your child’s interest in studying:

  • Sit with Your Kid: Always try to sit with your child when he sits for studying and try to motivate him. However, refrain from using your mobile or laptop, instead, do your pending office work or read a book. This will surely motivate them.
  • Stress on Learning and Not on Grades: Though good grades are important to score but if your kid is struggling with getting good grades, it will be a good idea to change his focus on learning. Ask him about day to day activities in the class and what he learnt in the class on a daily basis.
  • Be On Your Kid’s Side: Do not put pressure on your kid to score well or get better grades. Be nice and gentle with him and try and understand things from his perspective. Try to make your kid responsible for his studies in a positive manner as any kind of negativity may make a rebel out of him and this could make him relent and defy you.
  • Discuss Studies: Talk to kid about what he studied today and did in every subject in the class. Ask this on each day. Asking him about it will keep him more alert in the class. Know about his favourite subject, favourite class and favourite teacher too.
  • Make a Schedule: Make a schedule and adhere to it. Studying does not require doing homework only rather you should keep time for revising the concepts and lessons taught in the class each day. Prepare and schedule and make sure that your kid follows it.
  • Create an Environment: Make sure there are no distractions such as loud noises, television etc. in the close vicinity of where your child sits for studying. This will make your kid concentrate more and this will make them understand concepts better.
  • Help Them Learn from Failure: Failures are a part of life and are not the end of the world. Even if your kid gets low grades, refrain from scolding or comparing him to his friends or peers. He may already be feeling too low. Encourage your kid and tell him it is okay to make mistakes and learn from them.

A word from SuperActive Kids:
Help your kid whenever he requires it or gets stuck up somewhere with his lessons. Do not get angry if he asks to clear his doubt number of times. Be patient and gentle with your kid’s doubts and queries.

Happy Parenting!!

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