How to Make Thanksgiving for Kids Memorable

Thanksgiving wouldn’t feel the same for many of us without spending time with family and seeing distant relatives. However, because the CDC advises against big family get-togethers, we might all need to come up with new ideas to make the holiday seem unique this year.

Check out the advice we’ve provided below to keep your kids’ holiday joy and Thanksgiving tastes intact this year. We have imaginative Thanksgiving ideas for kids of all ages, from meal preparation to table setting and more, to help you celebrate Thanksgiving during this odd holiday season.



To begin spreading the joy of this holiday, you don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving Day. Set aside some time for a family gathering a few weeks before Thanksgiving to discuss the menu and how each member will contribute.


To obtain that cozy Thanksgiving feeling, you don’t need to spend a fortune on decorations! Making your own crafts is a great way to teach your children about recycling while also decorating your house with gorgeous fall-themed items.

With these adorable and easy holiday projects, you may liven up your children’s Thanksgiving table:

  • Leaf-shaped centerpieces: Send your children outside to collect twigs and branches, and then give them paper forms of huge leaves to paint. Place your miniature trees in vases after painting the branches and adding adhesive to the leaves.
  • Table cloths: Purchase a roll of craft paper, spread it across the table’s middle, and place crayons and pencils on it. Your kids will have a prepared activity to keep them occupied if they start to become restless in the midst of the meal.
  • Toilet paper turkeys: You can create adorable turkeys to place around the house using common recyclables, paint, googly eyes, and construction paper feathers. You might even conceal them.

Give your kids age-appropriate jobs in the kitchen to keep them engaged because you have worked together to design the dinner! Older children can assist with chopping, mixing, and cooking, while younger children can gather items or wash them. Your kids will be more enthusiastic about contributing to the Thanksgiving meal the more involved they are.


Once the meal has finished cooking, set the table:

  • Then, decorate your tables, food stations, and self-serve areas using the decorations your children created.
  • With Thanksgiving-themed flatware, tablecloths, or these adorable folded napkin turkeys, you can add a little more excitement to your meal.
  • Have your kids cut out turkey feathers and feet from construction paper to add the finishing touches. After that, arrange them so that the plates form a cute turkey shape at each place setting.

Finish your Thanksgiving feast with enjoyable outdoor or virtual activities to stave off that post-turkey drowsiness and provide your kids an active way to close the day. Playing games with your kids may be a fun way for them to get rid of holiday energy or keep in touch with families who couldn’t join them this year.

  • Play a game of capture the flag or touch football.
  • Look for the most unusual fall leaves by going on a treasure hunt around your street.
  • Play a virtual game of Family Feud or Thanksgiving Bingo through video chat.
  • Have a “pumpkin-pushing” race where the youngsters roll miniature pumpkins across the yard with sticks.
  • With the turkeys your kids constructed out of toilet paper rolls, play “find the turkey.”

You may capture your children’s interest and create lifelong family memories with the help of some simple strategies and a sense of adventure. The ideal Thanksgiving for kids, after all, isn’t about perfecting every dish; rather, it’s about spending time with family and expressing thankfulness, even when the turkey is charred.

Thanksgiving greetings!

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