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How to Make a Fortune Teller?


Creating a fortune teller, sometimes known as a chatterbox, is very easy with this tutorial! The concept offers youngsters many hours of entertainment and activities for only the cost of a sheet of paper.


You will need the following to construct a chatterbox/fortune teller:

  1. A4-sized paper 
  2. Colored pencils or pens
  3. Scissors


fortune teller



  • Fold one corner of an A4 sheet of paper across to create a triangle. To wrinkle the edge, apply pressure.
  •  Use a pair of scissors to trim the extra rectangle off the end.
  •  Spread the triangle wide and bring the diagonal corners together. Make a crease by applying pressure to the edge.
  •  Reopen the square and this time, fold each corner towards the center. Continue until a square is formed.
  •  Flip the square over and refold the corners into the middle. For a crease, press the edges down.
  • Now split the palm reader in two. Open up before cutting along the other crease.
  •  Place your thumbs and forefingers within the flaps at the corners. Now is the time to decorate your fortune teller.
  • Fill in the four outside squares with either coloured pencils or felt-tip pens.
  • Turn the square over and write the numbers 1 through 8 in the triangles.
  • Lift the triangle flaps to reveal a space for you to write fun challenges, games, or fortunes.

We’ve selected a few activities with an animal theme, such as: mowing like a cow, hopping like a rabbit, woofing like a dog, skipping like a kangaroo, singing like a bird, swimming like a fish, meowing like a cat, and crawling like a crab. Or, use your creativity to create some entertaining predictions!

  • Refold the chatterbox or fortune teller, and you’re ready to play.


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