Things to do for getting pregnant

How Can Women Increase Their Chances Of Getting Pregnant?

So, you finally made the decision to have a baby and now you are trying to conceive but are having a hard time doing it. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one that’s having a hard time, and the good news is that there are a lot of things that you can do to get pregnant.

But, what exactly are those things?

Below, we are going to list down some of the most basic things that you can do on your own to increase your chances of getting pregnant.


Things to do for getting pregnant


Things Women Can Do To Increase Their Chances of Getting Pregnant


1. Try after you stop birth control

There is a myth going around that after you stop using birth control, you need to wait for a “long time” before you can get fertile again, the thing is, it doesn’t. Doctors say that most women will have regular periods and the ability to be pregnant within 3 months of stopping using birth control pills.

In case you are trying to get pregnant and have stopped, try to count the days and your periods!

2. Preconception checkup

Before you try to get pregnant, you want to get a checkup.

The first thing that you want to do is ask your doctor or go meet them. Get some prenatal vitamins and try to get some tests done to know if you are fertile enough to get pregnant.

Getting checked up by a professional doctor can help you increase your chances of getting pregnant, considering they can come up with many ways and can prescribe you some medicines.

3. Laydown

There are some people who claim that it is important to lie in bed with your feet in the air after having sex, well, the first part is right, but the second part is not. It is important for you to lay in bed for around 10 to 15 minutes after you have sex with your partner to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Why is it important? Well, laying down for 15 minutes after sex can help keep sperm going in the right direction.

4. Don’t have too much sex

Having a lot of sex is not ideal if you are trying to get pregnant, considering that you might just get tired of trying too much. When you are trying to get pregnant, it is ideal to have intercourse around every other night during the time of ovulation as it helps increase your chances of getting pregnant.


Did we miss out on anything in the list above? Let us know what we missed out on by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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