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How Can Parents Teach Kids About Good and Bad Touch?

Child abuse, kidnapping, and other related news stories are on the rise nowadays and are a serious cause for concern. As a result, it is crucial for parents to teach their kids the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touching. Parents should let the kids if someone touches them and they feel safe and comfortable that is a good touch. This kind of touch they get from the ones with whom kids actually feel happy. 

Super Active Kids

Parents, however, are sometimes hesitant to discuss these topics with their kids. So to cover that awkwardness we are here with this educational advice, that will help the parents to no longer become more anxious. Through this knowledgeable blog, parents will be able to successfully teach their kids about how to distinguish between these touches through these suggestions.

Parents Should Talk to Kids at an Early Age

To make these kinds of talks more clear and specific instead of being awkward parents should slowly talk to kids about their bodies during bath time, pool time, etc. 

This talk makes the conversation between them more comfortable, and the kids finally get ready to share things about their bodies with their parents. In this way, parents can actually teach and tackle the kids about the situations where they are being badly touched.

Teach Them About Body Ownership

To let the kids deal with the situation where they are being awkwardly or badly touched, parents should empower their voices and encourage them to say NO. This way, parents can successfully let the kids know that no one has any right to their bodies. Other than this, if anyone touches them without their consent, kids have every right to say NO, and only if they are comfortable with someone and their touch can they say YES.

Teach Kids About Body Privacy

Other than touch, parents should teach kids about body privacy, where no one, not even them, has the right to touch them. While teaching that, parents should tell them that girls and boys both have private parts such as hips, thighs, breasts, etc. If anyone touched these private body parts, then you have every right to fight that situation. Aside from that, these kinds of touches affect not only girls but also boys, so they should be aware of the situation and learn how to deal with it from their parents.

Discuss More Than Just Stranger Danger

If kids encounter these types of positive and unpleasant touch situations, they should communicate them with their parents without hesitation. Nowadays, anyone may do it because kids are not even safe with their families. Instead of being stressed, they should communicate in every situation with their parents, as they will trust them rather than criticize them. This not only strengthens and improves their link, but it also helps kids know that their parents will always be there for them and support them no matter what occurs. 

Final Thoughts

It is abundantly evident from the information provided above that parents may teach their children how to handle any issue in an efficient and practical manner. Kids are capable of handling how people touch them, and after the previous talks, they will understand what constitutes good and negative contact.

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