HIV in Heterosexual Couples

HIV in Heterosexual Couples

Who is at more serious danger?

The transmission and securing of HIV from vaginal intercourse are high in instances of condom-less sex, both in ladies and men. While the danger will in general be higher among ladies because of biologic weakness (counting the more noteworthy mass of mucosal tissues which HIV can break), men are additionally in danger with everything from simultaneously explicitly sent sicknesses (STDs) to circumcision status adding to that hazard.

Transmission Risk in Women

HIV can be found in the blood, semen, pre-fundamental liquid (“pre-cum”), or vaginal liquid of an individual contaminated with the infection. The covering of the vagina can tear and permit HIV to enter the body, just as through retention of HIV through the mucous films that line the vagina and cervix.

At the point when HIV is presented to these tissues, the limited contamination is assaulted by first-line invulnerable cells, including macrophage and dendritic cells. The initiation of these cells starts a response from the safe framework wherein particular cautious cells, including CD4 and CD8 T-cells, are prodded to the battle. Incidentally, it is the CD4 cells that HIV especially focuses on. In the event that this happens and the primary line guard can’t contain the HIV intruders, an openness turns out to be something beyond openness. It turns into a disease.

Transmission Risk in Men

Though the male is at fairly less danger for HIV than his female sexual accomplice, HIV can enter either through his urethra (the opening at the tip of the penis) or through little cuts or open wounds on the penis.



HIV in Heterosexual Couples



Moreover, men who are uncircumcised will in general be more powerless against HIV than men who are circumcised. The bacterial populace that exists underneath a prepuce can flourish because of the wet climate. The safe framework normally reacts by setting off an unobtrusive invulnerable guard to keep a disease under control. Once more, unexpectedly, CD4 cells can be called to the cutting edges of guard, making transmission all the simpler.

Explicitly Transmitted Diseases

Explicitly communicated illnesses work pretty much similarly. Past open ulcerative wounds that can work with a simple course into the circulatory systems (from STDs like syphilis or herpes simplex), different diseases spike a restricted invulnerable reaction, dramatically improving the probability of HIV transmission or obtaining admirably past what may happen if there was no HIV.

Forestalling HIV Transmission

In the event that you decide to have vaginal intercourse, utilize a latex condom to shield both you and your accomplice from the danger of HIV and different STDs. Studies have shown that latex condoms are successful when utilized accurately and reliably. In the event that either accomplice is hypersensitive to latex, plastic (polyurethane) condoms for either the male or female can be utilized. (Keep away from lambskin condoms which don’t offer assurance from HIV and STDs).

Furthermore, accomplices can fundamentally lessen HIV by two extra preventive techniques:

  • A HIV-positive accomplice, male or female, ought to be put on antiretroviral treatment to accomplish full concealment of the infection to imperceptible levels. On the off chance that this is accomplished, the danger of transmission to an uninfected accomplice can drop to nothing, if the accomplice has supported viral concealment for in any event a half year. Study HIV treatment as avoidance (TasP).
  • Any HIV-negative accomplice, male or female, can select to take HIV pre-openness prophylaxis (PrEP), a day by day antiretroviral tablet which can lessen the danger of securing HIV from somewhere in the range of 70-90%. Become familiar with how to utilize Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP).

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