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Helpful Tips on Choosing Right Feeding Bottle For Your Baby

When choosing the right feeding bottle for the baby, parents usually get confused and face a lot of difficulty in finalizing from the heap of available options in the market. 

So, now the parents don’t have to worry and think much as we have got them. Through this blog, parents will get to know about the important tips that will help them in possible ways to choose the best bottle for their baby. 

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Let’s start by listing the helpful and important tips that will make the choice easy for parents:

  1. Compare the Bottle Material

While choosing the right feeding bottle for the baby, the bottle material needs to be checked first, as there are glass, plastic, and stainless steel like options available in the market. The options do have their own pros and cons, and by comparing them, parents can make an accurate decision. 

The glass bottle is durable, easy to clean, and free from chemicals, but it can be heavier and breakable. The plastic bottle, on the other hand, is quite lightweight, durable, and shatterproof but contains potentially harmful chemicals. 

Other than this, stainless steel bottles are durable, easy to clean, and free from chemicals, but they are a bit expensive. 

By comparing these things about the feeding bottles, parents can now make an appropriate choice and choose the best for their babies.

  1. Choose the Correct Nipple Size

Now, after choosing the bottle, comes the need to make an appropriate choice of nipple so that the baby can drink milk easily. For choosing the accurate bottle nipple size, parents should consider the following chart:

Level 0: Preemie 

Level 1: Newborn (0-3 months) 

Level 2: Babies 3-6 months 

Level 3: Babies 6 months and older 

Level 4: Babies 9 months and older

Keeping, this chart in mind, parents can choose the right nipple size of the bottle for their baby to satisfy their hunger with an appropriate milk flow that can be digested conveniently.

  1. Choose the Appropriate Shape

For a better flow of milk from the feeding bottle, there is a need for parents to compare the shape of the bottle with straight, angled, or wide ones. It’s because the perfect bottle size helps mothers reduce their kids’ habit of breastfeeding and promote the habit of drinking milk from bottles. So, parents, while making a choice, should carefully examine from which bottle the baby will get the most accurate flow of milk and buy that for them.

  1. Compare the Nipple Material

Generally, the bottle nipples are made of latex, silicone, or natural rubber, from which the parents have to make wise choices for their baby. The silicone nipples are made from food-grade or medical-grade silicone, which is durable and lasts for a long time. But on the other side, as compared to silicone nipples, latex nipples are softer, less costly, and more flexible, but they usually lose their durability more quickly. 

On the other side, natural rubber nipples are non-toxic, soft, and flexible. By knowing about these different materials for nipples, parents can choose the best nipple with the appropriate material that will not cause any harm to the babies.

Final Words

Parents will learn from the above information that it is really important to choose the right bottle for the babies to feed them milk properly. 

So, if you are a parent and are facing confusion about choosing the right bottle to feed your baby. 

Then you can refer to our website regularly and find the appropriate information by which the choice and confusion will be conveniently solved and you will end up having the best for the baby. 

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