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Fact Checking About 3 Fake Coronavirus Claims

There are a lot of claims about the coronavirus out there, but in reality, they are not real. In this blog, we are going to fact check the claims people are making about the novel coronavirus, which has infected 206,900 and has killed 8,272 people.

Claim Number 1

The first claim is that wearing masks do not work.

This is somehow true. Since bacteria can crawl through clothing and can get into your eyes or other parts of the body, there is no guarantee that you won’t get sick. But it can also help you stay away from saliva, which is considered by many as one of the fastest ways to transmit disease.

For example, if you’re in close contact with someone that is infected, your mask will cut the chance of the disease being passed on. This is possible because you are protected from the saliva that is coming out of the mouth of the infected.

If you are infected with the virus, you can also wear a mask and protect other people from getting infected. You will keep your saliva with you.

Claim Number 2

The second claim is that a vaccine will be available in the upcoming months.

The development of a human safe vaccine is currently in the process of being developed. A number of scientists and teams all over the world are now testing vaccines in animal experiments. But, trails are still required so a commercial and human-safe vaccine can be available in the market. A commercial and human-safe vaccine is expected to be available in the medical market in 1 to 2 years. However, this is only possible if everything goes well during the trial part of vaccine development.

Claim Number 3

The third claim is drinking warm water will kill the virus.

The third fake claim that is viral on social media right now is that drinking water will kill the virus. In reality, this is not real. There is no logic behind warm water keeping a person safe from getting the coronavirus. Not only that, but a viral post on social media claims gargling salt water will also do the job too.

For those that are wondering, the only way to prevent the virus from getting into your system is by washing your hands with soap for 20 straight seconds, by using hand sanitizer, and by avoiding to touch our eyes, nose, and face.