Extended Parental Leave Benefit

Parental leave is importance when it comes to being close with the new born, taking good care of the child and ensuring that there is a deep emotional bond that gets formed between the infant and the parents. Government does realise the importance of the parental leave and is making all steps to ensure sufficient leave is available to the parents to be close with the baby for taking care and establishing a long-lasting bond with the off spring. Canadians are all set for entitlement for more time off from the work after the birth or adoption of a child, provided the time is judiciously spent with the baby at home by the parents.

The federal government is accelerating the timeline on a new parental sharing benefit aimed at seeing parents more equally share the responsibility of raising children in order to boost gender equality in the workplace. This is a benefit being created for the parents which is arising out of concern for the well-being of the baby and an unbiased gender-neutral policy for upliftment of the society in general. As per the new measure there will a provision of an additional five weeks of Employment Insurance parental benefits when parents agree to share it while taking take time off from the work. Parents, including same-sex and adoptive parents, with children born or placed for adoption on or after the date of March 17, 2019, will be eligible to avail the benefit of parental leave. This is a great boon for the parents from multiple background and engaged in various professions.

The government has done a favour to the newly converted parents as by doing so many parents are going to get benefitted and will now have additional time to spend with the baby for an overall benefit of the family. The family will now be more closely knit as both the mother and father would be there to take care of the kid during the entire day and night which will establish an emotional bonding amongst all members of the family.

Providing women with equal economic opportunities will drive innovation and support middle class families. The new parental sharing benefit will give parents extra flexibility and encourage Canadians to share the work of raising their children more equally as per the details shared by the senior representatives of the government and by representatives of Children and Social Development. There were other details shared regarding this new policy at the Gender Equality Week for the knowledge of the citizens in general. Women make 85 per cent of all parental claims and take longer leaves from the workplace, as per existing statistics. As per senior executives when child-care duties fall disproportionately entirely on women, it has economic and social consequences that the government wants to effectively manage with the announcement of this plan.

Encouraging all parents to be engaged in full-time caregiving for their infants will help to create greater financial security for women and stronger bonds between fathers or second parents and their babies, as per family well-wisher. The Parental Sharing Benefit is an excellent illustration of the way the responsible administrators with to advance gender equality both at home and in the workplace. With the sharing benefit, parents selecting the standard duration of parental benefits could receive up to 40 weeks of parental benefits. Parents selecting the extended duration of parental benefits could receive up to 69 weeks of parental benefits. This is going to be a great benefit in totality.

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