42 Weeks Pregnancy

Everything You Need To Know About 42 Week Pregnancy | Caring Tips During Pregnancy

At this point, your baby should be out and if it still is not, your doctor will be doing a lot of things in order to help your body get it out. Your doctor could possibly give you Pitocin, a safe drug that will help start contractions.

Baby Will Be Monitored

Monitoring your baby is really important at Pregnancy week 42 because they’re still inside you. Remember, it is normal for a baby to arrive past the due date, but because you are pregnant, you will be extra care and attention from your doctors.

Non-Stress And Ultrasounds

Another thing that you will go through this week is constant baby monitoring and nonstress tests. This is important because your doctor has to make sure your overdue baby is fine inside that belly of yours.

How Many Months Are 42 Weeks?

If you are 42 weeks pregnant, this means that you are in the 9th month of your pregnancy. This also means that your baby is about to be with you at any moment now. So make sure you are ready and calm!

42 Weeks Pregnancy

Symptoms You Will Be Experiencing At 42 Weeks:

  • More Braxton Hicks Contractions

Because you are overdue, the chances are high that you will be feeling more frequent Braxton Hicks contractions. This is a type of contraction that happens because your body is preparing for the real deal, the baby coming out.

  • Vaginal Discharge

Because your cervix is opening up for labor, you are going to see a lot of discharge. It is completely normal to see brown or pink discharge. Also, such discharge means that labor is on the way.

  • Water Breaking

Another thing that you will be experiencing this week is water breaking. A clear fluid will be leak out from down below and this means that your amniotic sac has been broken, hence the leakage of the fluid.

  • Edema

Edema is also normal at this point. By the way, it’s the fancy word for swelling of feet and ankles. This happens because your body has a lot of fluid and you are not moving that much. You will see some larger feet and ankles this week.

  • Leaky Breasts

Leaky breasts are completely normal. Most of the time, women start to get this at the end of their pregnancy, before the baby comes out. Usually, a mother gets a thin yellowish type of fluid from their breasts.

When To Call The Doctor?

Most of the time, your doctor will recommend you to stay alert all the time because pregnancy can happen at any minute. Many mothers prefer admitting themselves to a hospital at this point for peace of mind and if your doctor says you should, you probably go for it.

If you are still home and you are experiencing some weird symptoms such as vaginal bleeding, the baby is not moving, chest pain, dizziness, high blood pressure, and extremely high heartbeat, you want to call your doctor and inform them about them. This is important, considering that there is a baby inside you and you are in the last week of your pregnancy.

For doctor tips for pregnancy please talk with your doctor ahead of this week.