Week 40 Pregnancy

Everything You Need To Know About 40 Week Pregnancy

Everything About Your Baby

 Your baby has shed most of their vernix, which is the waxy coating that acted as a moisturizer of their skin. The skin of your baby currently has some dry spots.

Past Your Due Date?

 There is a 30 percent chance that babies get born after the 40th week and they are usually normal. Also, you are not alone in this, okay?

40th Week

The 40th week is the end of your pregnancy. It is the last week and at anytime now, your baby is about to come and play with you in this world that we live in.

Size And Weight Of Your Baby

 Your baby is around 6 to 9 pounds heavy and they are around 19 to 22 inches long. They are healthy right now and some are heavier or lighter along with shorter or longer.

How Many Months Are 40 Weeks Pregnant

 If you are 40 weeks of Pregnancy, you are in the 9th month of your pregnancy. It is about time and you just need to wait for that little one to come out.

Things You Should Discuss With Your Doctor

 If you are in the 40th week and you are desperate for the little one to come out, you can talk with your doctor about having your membranes stripped. This is a type of procedure where the doctor will wear gloves and will swipe the membranes of the amniotic sac.

Week 40 Pregnancy

Please do note that this procedure is uncomfortable and it is quick. To know more about this, you can talk with your doctor.

Recognizing Real Labor

 Pregnancy can give you a lot of false hopes, considering that there are a lot of false alarms and self-doubt.

To know that you are in real labor, here are some things that you need to look out for after water breaks and real contractions.

When To Call The Doctor?

 Anything unfortunate can happen during pregnancy, so as parents, it is our priority to make sure that we get to call the doctor right away in case something unfortunate happens.

If you feel the following call the doctor and get professional help or wait for their instruction:

  • Pain in chest
  • Pain in left arm and chest
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Pale face
  • Constant dizziness
  • Vertigo
  • High Blood pressure
  • Low Blood pressure
  • Extreme pain in the stomach
  • Vaginal Discharge with a strong odor
  • Vaginal Discharge with blood
  • Blood coming out of Vagina
  • Extreme pain when urinating

Please do note that these are just some of the many that you have to look out for during Pregnancy Week-by-Week. For more information about them, please contact your doctor.