Essential Rules of Parenting: Do’s and Don’ts

If you’re a parent, you know there are no predefined rules to follow when it comes to raising children. No parent is born with perfect parenting skills. These skills develop with time and patience. Parenting is a team effort. Both parents play an important and different role in parenting. However, each and every parent has a unique identity and their style of parenting may differ. There is great variation in how we raise our children. But the style of parenting may impact your child to a great extent.

Let’s now discuss various Dos and don’ts of raising a child. Always remember that each and every child is also not the same. So always treat them accordingly.

  • Always let your child take the Lead: Spend quality time with your kid every day, this means putting away all distractions, focusing on your child only. Try to do what the child wants to do, not what you want the child to do. Understand this difference. Always allow your child to take the lead, let them start, let them take initiatives. This will help them become confident and will be ready to take initiatives.
  • Let your kids face the failure, Don’t Protect Kids from it: It may be one of the hardest tasks as a parent, but let your kid make her own mistakes — and learn from them. To help kids prepare for sticky situations, help them learn to accept life’s realities, such as conflict, struggle, and consequences.
  • Don’t Criticize and Compare: Always try to say something nice when your child puts away her toys properly, but try not to say something bad when he/she doesn’t share them with her little brother. Avoiding criticism boosts a child’s self-esteem and helps keep her happy and motivated. Do not criticize them, always try to praise them.
  • Do Show Gratitude: Gratitude and happiness are so strongly linked to each other. So practice gratitude with your kids on a daily basis, but appreciation lists shouldn’t consist solely of toys and tablets. Teach your children to focus on being thankful for nonmaterial things such as sleeping in a warm bed or taking an art class, to broaden their perspective.
  • Don’t Hide the Negative: Positive stories are good, but negative ones are just as if not more — effective because they illustrate perseverance. Try engaging with your children at dinner or during family gatherings and let them know the negatives along with the positives of each and everything happening around them. This will help them see the world from each perspective.
  • Do Prioritize Your Own Friendships: Happy kids have friends, so help your child develop his friendships. You can start by not neglecting your own friends. Spending time with your kids sets a good example for your children because maintaining friendships helps your kids teach the value of social relationships. Encourage your child to make friends too, and schedule playdates so that he can enjoy the playtime.
    Parenting isn’t easy, so give your best always and try to bring above mentioned do’s and don’ts in a child every day’s routine.
  • A word from SuperActive kids:
    We all want to be our children’s “friend,” but unfortunately, we’re parents. No matter how hard we try, most of the children won’t tell us everything and won’t spend as much time with us as they do their friends. But that’s not a bad thing, because while you’re trying to be a loving, caring, understanding, appreciative parent and that’s something to be appreciated.

Happy Parenting!!

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