Early Parenting- The role of parents in early childhood

When it comes to a child’s learning, parents tend to play a notable role. Furthermore, the child-parent relationship has a major influence on most aspects of child development. In early childhood, parents play a crucial role in helping their child develop, execute functioning skills and these skills help them a lot in the coming years of their growth.
It is proven scientifically that during the first five years, the brain’s synaptic networks are still in the process of forming. This is when children’s development is particularly receptive to human contact. How parents interact with their children and engage them in different developmental activities whether cognitive, functional or emotional, define their future selves. Parents play a very significant role in their child’s life especially in the early years of childhood. The role of parents in child development is responsive, responsible and never-ending.

Both mother and father play an important role in the overall child’s development. That’s the only reason it is said that both parents are important and their presence means a lot in children’s early growth stage. There are various things in which both parents should take care especially in the early days of the child’s growth. Let us go through a few tips, and these tips will help parents to give their children a proper and appropriate environment to grow in.

  • Positivity: Children can easily sense negativity. Try not to spread negativity in the house. No matter how young your child is, discuss your problems with him and how you handle them. Encourage your child to participate with you in different small household tasks. Teach him how to be creative and how to solve problems with a positive attitude. Positivity will make your child stronger and always ready to solve problems. Remember, positive feedback is always better than negative punishment or blames
  • Take care of your child’s needs: No matter how small your child’s needs are, understanding and trying to fulfill them is really very important. This will help your child realize that you are there for him at all times no matter what the circumstances are.
  • Support your child emotionally: Emotional support is of great importance in a child’s growth. Encouragement and emotional support are necessary. Show your child that he is loved all the time and that you are always there for him, irrespective of the situations.
  • Communication: Talk to the child and hear what he has to say before jumping to the conclusions. In every conversation, make sure you think from your child’s perspective and let him express himself. Remember, positive feedback is always better than negative punishment or blames.
  • Make frequent plans for family outings: It is said that, the family that eats and prays together stays together! Encourage your child to have family meals together and teach him the importance of spending quality time with family members. Spending time together will help your child to know the importance of family.
  • Impart good habits: A good routine can help set good habits for the future. If you are stick to a fixed routine, eating and sleeping on time, refrain from watching the television during meals, then your child too will pick up these lessons and follow a routine. Teaching about such good habits will make your child disciplined in life.
  • Talk to your child frequently: Talk to your child frequently, no matter how tired and busy you are. Listening to your children will make him an understanding person. Always share your thoughts with your child and listen to his thoughts as well.
  • Tell your child that you love him: Always let your child know how much you love him. If your child fails at something, make an effort to understand why and what to do before you criticize him. But over that, tell him that mistakes do not reduce the love between people.

A word from Super Active Kids:

Always remember supportive families encourage each other to learn and offer the possibility to be better. Try never to lose the family bond and always be ready to help each other. Helping your children to grow in a healthy environment should be of the utmost importance for you.

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