Hyponyms (each of the following is a kind of "simple leaf"): obtuse leaf (a simple leaf having a rounded or blunt tip). Dictionary entry overview: What does simple leaf mean? In many aquatic species, the leaves are submerged in water. A modified form of the Hickey system was later incorporated into the Smithsonian classification (1999) which proposed seven main types of venation, based on the architecture of the primary veins, adding Flabellate as an additional main type. The petiole mechanically links the leaf to the plant and provides the route for transfer of water and sugars to and from the leaf. Palmate, in which three or more main ribs rise together at the base of the leaf, and diverge upward. Leaves are mostly green in color due to the presence of a compound called chlorophyll that is essential for photosynthesis as it absorbs light energy from the sun. Open: Higher order veins have free endings among the cells and are more characteristic of non-monocotyledon angiosperms. [20], Monocot leaves in temperate climates usually have narrow blades, and usually parallel venation converging at leaf tips or edges. Stipules may be lasting and not be shed (a stipulate leaf, such as in roses and beans), or be shed as the leaf expands, leaving a stipule scar on the twig (an exstipulate leaf).

The upper (adaxial) angle between a leaf and a stem is known as the axil of the leaf. Plants that lack chlorophyll cannot photosynthesize. They grow to a specific pattern and shape and then stop. The leaf-like organs of bryophytes (e.g., mosses and liverworts), known as phyllids, differ morphologically from the leaves of vascular plants in that they lack vascular tissue, are usually only a single cell thick, and have no cuticle stomata or internal system of intercellular spaces. A leaf with white patches or edges is called a variegated leaf. [14] Leaves are the fundamental structural units from which cones are constructed in gymnosperms (each cone scale is a modified megaphyll leaf known as a sporophyll)[6]:408 and from which flowers are constructed in flowering plants. External leaf characteristics, such as shape, margin, hairs, the petiole, and the presence of stipules and glands, are frequently important for identifying plants to family, genus or species levels, and botanists have developed a rich terminology for describing leaf characteristics.
The veins in a leaf represent the vascular structure of the organ, extending into the leaf via the petiole and providing transportation of water and nutrients between leaf and stem, and play a crucial role in the maintenance of leaf water status and photosynthetic capacity.They also play a role in the mechanical support of the leaf. In the series, the numerator indicates the number of complete turns or "gyres" until a leaf arrives at the initial position and the denominator indicates the number of leaves in the arrangement. The lamina is typically the location of the majority of photosynthesis. Special leaves on carnivorous plants are adapted for trapping food, mainly invertebrate prey, though some species trap small vertebrates as well (see. Leaves can show several degrees of hairiness. It is covered with a waxy cuticle which is impermeable to liquid water and water vapor and forms the boundary separating the plant's inner cells from the external world.   The noun SIMPLE LEAF has 1 sense: Familiarity information: SIMPLE LEAF used as a noun is very rare. We love sustainable well designed gardens in the new perennial movement style, pollinators/wildscape with a holistic approach. Many leaves are covered in trichomes (small hairs) which have diverse structures and functions. The veins are the vascular tissue of the leaf and are located in the spongy layer of the mesophyll. Black cherry trees, which are found in the southeastern United States, are prime examples of trees with simple leaves. A simple leaf has an undivided blade. A structurally complete leaf of an angiosperm consists of a petiole (leaf stalk), a lamina (leaf blade), stipules (small structures located to either side of the base of the petiole) and a sheath. Learn more. Hypernyms ("simple leaf" is a kind of...): foliage; leaf; leafage (the main organ of photosynthesis and transpiration in higher plants). Simple Leaf Design are two professional gardeners in Vancouver Canada. Leaves can have many different shapes, sizes, and textures. In most plants, leaves also are the primary organs responsible for transpiration and guttation (beads of fluid forming at leaf margins). Most of the interior of the leaf between the upper and lower layers of epidermis is a parenchyma (ground tissue) or chlorenchyma tissue called the mesophyll (Greek for "middle leaf"). [63][54], Terms that describe vein prominence include bullate, channelled, flat, guttered, impressed, prominent and recessed (Fig. [18] Stipules may be conspicuous (e.g. Early in development they are dorsiventrally flattened with both dorsal and ventral surfaces. [21][22] Within the lamina of the leaf, while some vascular plants possess only a single vein, in most this vasculature generally divides (ramifies) according to a variety of patterns (venation) and form cylindrical bundles, usually lying in the median plane of the mesophyll, between the two layers of epidermis. [6]:445, The internal organization of most kinds of leaves has evolved to maximize exposure of the photosynthetic organelles, the chloroplasts, to light and to increase the absorption of carbon dioxide while at the same time controlling water loss. When the leaf is shed, it leaves a leaf scar on the twig. For instance Pimenta racemosa has a channelled midrib on the upper surfae, but this is prominent on the lower surface. Example: Rose, Coriander, Azadirachta indica (Neem), Moringa. [23] This pattern is often specific to taxa, and of which angiosperms possess two main types, parallel and reticulate (net like).

The leaf surface is also host to a large variety of microorganisms; in this context it is referred to as the phyllosphere. 6.1 Hawthorne & Lawrence 2013). fall collection. Animals that are specialized to eat leaves are known as folivores. AudioEnglish Definitions... Just One Click Away! "Hairs" on plants are properly called trichomes. fall collection. [16] Other factors include the need to balance water loss at high temperature and low humidity against the need to absorb atmospheric carbon dioxide. a beautiful accent to your casual decor. Leaves almost always have determinate growth. Different terms are usually used to describe the arrangement of leaves on the stem (phyllotaxis): As a stem grows, leaves tend to appear arranged around the stem in a way that optimizes yield of light. A pseudo-reticulate venation that is actually a highly modified penniparallel one is an autapomorphy of some Melanthiaceae, which are monocots; e.g., Paris quadrifolia (True-lover's Knot). [3][4] In most leaves, the primary photosynthetic tissue, the palisade mesophyll, is located on the upper side of the blade or lamina of the leaf[1] but in some species, including the mature foliage of Eucalyptus,[5] palisade mesophyll is present on both sides and the leaves are said to be isobilateral. Leaves can also store food and water, and are modified accordingly to meet these functions, for example in the leaves of succulent plants and in bulb scales. The leaves draw water from the ground in the transpiration stream through a vascular conducting system known as xylem and obtain carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by diffusion through openings called stomata in the outer covering layer of the leaf (epidermis), while leaves are orientated to maximize their exposure to sunlight. In angiosperms the venation is typically parallel in monocotyledons and forms an interconnecting network in broad-leaved plants. Their surfaces are waterproofed by the plant cuticle and gas exchange between the mesophyll cells and the atmosphere is controlled by minute (length and width measured in tens of µm) openings called stomata which open or close to regulate the rate exchange of carbon dioxide, oxygen, and water vapor into and out of the internal intercellular space system. A compound leaf has a fully subdivided blade, each leaflet of the blade separated along a main or secondary vein. Get unrestricted access to all the English-Learning Units!

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