These accounts, which were primarily in the hospitality and resource sectors, are slowly coming back on billing in the recent weeks. The pandemic has been a critical lesson regarding the importance of our facilities-based infrastructure and the role that is played to keep Canadians connected in our economy running.

OK. Great.
In Q3, we generated free cash flow of over CAD220 million and CAD595 million on a year-to-date basis, which is 20% higher than the prior year, and in line with our outlook and commentary regarding fiscal 2020. Moreover, total revenues decreased 0.8% to C$1.31 billion.Segmental UpdateWireline revenues (81% of total revenues) dipped 1.1% on a year-over-year basis to C$1.06 billion. However, the financial performance in the quarter was very strong as Trevor will discuss in a moment. We probably expect a little bit of sequential quarter over quarter when you look at what happened from Q2 to Q3, similar trend, not getting any worse, I think, in Q3 to Q4 when you look at what happened with the business revenue side, probably is still a little bit of downward pressure on Q4 business revenue versus what we posted for Q3 just because of timing of the suspension of the accounts and then when they're actually coming back and then, frankly, some not coming back because of the troubles that they're facing. Your commitment to your colleagues, the company and to our customers are driving great results, and I'm so proud of our accomplishments during this time.

We've seen fundamentally all of them come back on request.

[Operator Instructions].
And not surprisingly, when you put it on the mix, seeing the kind of changes we saw in rate that we are producing a much stronger cohort now, which I think, frankly, Vince is reflective of the investments we've made. Got a couple of questions. While we wait for the inevitable crash, let’s review not only why day traders are doomed but also why most people shouldn’t trade, or even invest in, individual stocks. Our next question comes from Aravinda Galappatthige. In the third quarter, Shaw Business revenue of approximately $140 million was in line with the prior year and decreased approximately 2.8% compared to the second quarter of fiscal 2020 as impacted customers temporarily suspended or cancelled their accounts due to the challenging economic environment facing businesses from COVID-19. Intel teases ‘Rocket Lake’ 11th Gen desktop CPUs coming Q1... Only select new Macs are going to get 4K Netflix with macOS Big Sur, Microsoft announces low-cost Surface Laptop Go, refreshed Surface Pro X, Drone Delivery Canada announces partnership with UofT and Ford.

Now that you've put these new prices in place as of the end of May, do you have any initial data on what new sub adds and maybe anybody renewing what the ARPU on those customers looks like versus the legacy base of customers? Tesla Model S gets slight price decrease in Canada, U.S. price changes... Toronto to begin testing driverless shuttles in Spring 2021. On the Wireless side, not surprisingly, the industry has seen lower volumes and you see that in your Q3 as well.

I don't think we need to be right on top of each other dollar for dollar. We're seeing as much a volume, for example, our former highest rate plan was 600 Mbps speed tier, and that percentage of volume that came from that tier is now at the same percentage of volume that we're getting from our 750 Mbps and 1-gig speed tiers, so we've seen the market shift nicely to the right on that front. It meant that in one week, six days of distillate/diesel inventory cover disappeared. Yes, thank you for taking my question. Obviously, really happy with the financial performance of Q3. But again, we won't be doing anything on that until at least the autumn. And that 10% of your workforce that you temporarily laid off, how much of those have come back and are you hoping of offsetting -- getting most of them? Shaw Communications (NYSE:SJR) is scheduled to announce Q3 earnings results on Friday, July 10th, after market close.The consensus EPS Estimate is C$0.30 ( …

With an average price target of $16, the upside potential comes in at 276%. They are thrilled -- I think they were -- frankly we've -- Brad empowered us to treat that group of people very, very well over the course of the last number of months and I think it's paying a dividend right now. As the economy begins to reopen, we are confident that our robust broadband and wireless infrastructure will continue to play a vital role and drive our economic recovery. And get access to it. Decreased acquisition-related costs, including subsidies, advertising and other sales and distribution costs contributed to this performance. Through years of thoughtful and strategic capital investing, we continue to expand and improve our facilities-based wireless network to meet the evolving needs of our customers and continue to fuel Freedom Mobile’s momentum.

They also seem pretty pissed about Big3 $65-75 20gb ongoing promo. Our footprint now covers over 18 million people in some of Canada’s largest urban centres, or almost half of the Canadian population. Okay and can you remind us on your 5G plans, timelines. At least the 700 MHz timeline is still fiscal 2020, so by August 31st 2020. thanks for pulling this out but what's up with the formatting? Wall Street analysts expect earnings to grow by 12.5% annually between fiscal 2019 and 2024. So I think we're being probably overly cautious. Here’s what’s coming to Fox’s streaming service Tubi... Here’s what’s coming to Acorn TV Canada in November. Maybe just a couple of very quick follow-ups, Trevor. In theory there, we believe that we will be able to meet them when they are, but there are some things that still have to kind of work their way through. I guess, at this stage, it's probably more conservatism. That's a easy way to pick up some new subs/market share on their home turf.

So it's sort of all in the numbers frankly, in our current run rate. Google Assistant might soon support third-party podcast players on sma... Apple finally shows off its $129 HomePod mini smart speaker.

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