Alteration and isolation of habitats resulting from urbanization is the principal reason for drastic decline of the San Francisco Garter Snake population. Babyratte alle 7-10 Tage. Nur wenige engagierte private Halter und einige Zoos bemühen sich erfolgreich um den Erhalt. Barry petitioned [5] the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN) to suppress the changes proposed in 1996 to merge two of these species. Accordingly, SEA-DISC aims to prepare students for informed, effective citizenship through stimulating and engaging projects with mentors, discussion and debate on critical environmental problems, and a variety of student "decision-making" activities. Gallery. The San Francisco Garter Snake has been christened “the most beautiful serpent in North America” (Miller, 2009).With an orange head, turquoise underbelly, and bold stripes of red and black, the snake is impressively gorgeous. Between 1970 and 2010, the planet has lost 52 percent of its biodiversity, while the human population has nearly doubled, (Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, 2017). Scientists have found that hatred of snakes is not found in babies and very young children,but that they learn it through experience, especially through portrayal in the media. The association between human population growth and urban expansion is seen to directly impact the local species population due to habitat fragmentation and geographic isolation. Diese werden in Kleingruppen in Kleinterrarien gepflegt und fressen alle 2-3 Tage Teile von Forelle/Stint/Mäusen/Regenwürmern. The minimum penalty for keeping an endangered species as a pet is a $3,500 fine for the first violation, and a $13,000 fine for the third violation, protecting the snake against illegal pet trade (Trihn, 2015). Gefressen wird Süßwasserfisch/Stint und/oder felllose/-arme tote Maus bzw. Habitat loss has been detrimental to the snake’s population, especially through the Skyline Boulevard development and sag ponds. Herkunft, Pflege, Arten, Ulmer- Verlag, 2002, DRACO #25: Strumpfbandnattern (4/06; bestellbar über, Suchbegriff "Strumpfbandnattern"; Beiträge verschiedener Mitglieder der EGSA zum 10-jährigem Bestehen), EGSA: The Garter Snake (1/4- jährlich erscheinendes Fachmagazin zu Strumpfbandnattern der EGSA in überwiegend deutscher Sprache), Hallmen, M., Die San Francisco-Strumpfbandnatter, Art-für-Art, NTV, Münster 2007, Hallmen, M.,  Chlebowy, J., Strumpfbandnattern, NTV, Münster 2011², Klesius, Thomas, Gemeinschaftshaltung verschiedener Thamnophis- Unterarten in einem Terrarium, 17-21, in: The Garter Snake 2/04, Hamburg 2004Klesius, Thomas, Bericht von der Breeders' Expo, in: The Garter Snake 11/05, Hamburg 2005, Rossman, Ford, Seigel, The Garter Snakes, Oklahoma 1996 (der amerikanische "Thamnophis-Papst" für des Englischen Mächtige, wissenschaftlich ausgelegt), © 2016  Schlangenland                 Links | Kontakt | Impressum, Die stark vom Aussterben bedrohte Unterart kommt nur in der Region der San Francisco Bay Area vor (Habitatzerstörung) und gilt als eine der schönsten Schlangen weltweit. This led to the snake being one of the first animals on the endangered species list, added in 1966  (Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, 2017). Aus fünf importierten Tieren aus Memphis entstand in den 1980er Jahren die erste europäische Zucht, zunächst in Zoos, vor allem im Rotterdamer Tiergarten. One major threat to these garter snakes is their removal from their natural habitat. Die agile, tagaktive Wassernatter braucht ein Terrarium (1,25 x 0,75 x 0,5 GL) mit Verstecken, Klettermöglichkeiten, Wasserschale und Wetbox bei tagsüber 22-28 °C (Spot: 34 °C) und nachts 20 °C oder ein Freilandterrarium. Der Genpool in Europa ist begrenzt. Garter snakes are cold-blooded (ectothermic), so you’ll need a heat lamp or pad to regulate their body temperature. The threats posed to the San Francisco Garter Snake by, primarily, human development and a disappearing food source are limiting the species’ biotic potential and making population recovery of the snake increasingly difficult. By spreading the word to have local pet store stop selling bullfrogs or telling pet owners not to release their unwanted animals into the wild, we can begin to start controlling this out of control invasion and takeover by the bullfrog. The San Francisco garter snake is considered by many the most beautiful snake in … The remaining habitats for these creatures are on private land, so data collection and surveying are very difficult; this makes protection efforts virtually impossible (Swenty, 2016). Accordingly, the subspecies tetrataenia was reaffirmed for the San Francisco garter snake and the races concinnus and infernalis retain their historical definition. The SF garter snake is often called the most beautiful snake in the U.S. Because they are so beautiful, some people collect them illegally. When you buy a Garter snake from us, you receive our 100% live arrival guarantee. If newly metamorphosed Pacific treefrogs are not available, the young garter snakes may not survive. This devastation to the coastal wetlands of the Bay Area have sorrowfully pushed the San Francisco Garter Snake to endangerment, but with new protection from the Endangered Species Act, saving the snake means that their habitat must be saved along with them. The endangerment of the native frog had a great influence on the endangerment its predator, the San Francisco Garter Snake (Swenty, 2016). However, the full extent of the snakes' habitat has not been fully documented, and many snakes may utilize creeks and other waterways that are currently unexplored. Their head is barely wider than the neck, and is red. The authors suggest that sequencing nuclear DNA may provide a more precise analytical tool to crack some of the ultimate taxonomic quandaries of the San Francisco garter snake and its relatives.

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