Green WQ (1984) "A review of ecological studies relevant to management of the common brushtail possum". [18], The common brushtail possum is largely arboreal and nocturnal. In most Australian habitats, leaves of eucalyptus are a significant part of the diet, but rarely the sole item eaten. Found between Townsville and Cooktown, and also in New Guinea, this rainforest-dwelling species is surprisingly absent from Cape York. Mainly a fruit eater, it doesn’t sleep in tree hollows, but in thick forest canopy near rivers and streams, rarely using the same spot two nights in a row. A legacy-defining book from Sir David Attenborough, reflecting on his life's work, the dramatic changes to the planet he has witnessed, and what we can do to make a better future. [14] In southern beech forests and pine plantations, possums are less common. The common brushtail possum has a head and body length of 32–58 cm[6] with a tail length of 24–40 cm. We acknowledge Elders past, present and emerging. [15] It prefers Eucalyptus leaves, but also eats flowers, shoots, fruits, and seeds. In this section, there's a wealth of information about our collections of scientific specimens and cultural objects. Possums are the most familiar marsupials seen in eastern Australia. A long pointy snout and a 1.8 cm brush-tipped tongue help the honey possum reach deep into flowers for the nectar and pollen on which it exclusively feeds.

It marks its territory with these secretions.[8]. The ultimate Aussie duel: cockatoo vs lorikeet, A guide to all 27 species of Australia’s possums and gliders, Face masks floated all the way to Lord Howe Island, making for devastating images, One of Australia’s rarest plants is back from the brink, Treeshrews love spicy food and can’t get drunk, A cunning rakali swipes a feed from an unsuspecting fisherman.

Am australischen Festland und auf Tasmanien kommen mehrere Tiere der Familie vor. Found above 1400 m up to the Australian mainland’s highest point, 2228 m Mt Kosciuszko, the mountain pygmy possum hibernates for up to seven months in sheltered boulders under the snow. Project Discover is creating a renewed museum to match its world-class collection. PLUS receive two gifts. It is found throughout the eastern and northern parts of the continent, as well as some western regions, Tasmania and a number of offshore islands, such as Kangaroo Island and Barrow Island. It sleeps in family groups in well-protected rock crevices. It is mostly a forest inhabit… Cover image photographers: Amanda McLean, Esther Beaton, Jiri Lochman, Mark Ziembicki, Bruce Thomson and Jason Edwards.

The common brushtail possum is perhaps the most widespread marsupial of Australia. [15] The brushtail possum cannot rely on Eucalyptus alone to provide sufficient protein. [15] In one Queensland population, males apparently need a month of consorting with females before they can mate with them. [24] In South Australia, they are fully protected and permits are required for trapping possums in human residences[25] or for keeping or rescuing sick or injured wild possums and other native animals. [8] (This is not an issue in Australia, where the disease has been eradicated). The only native mammal restricted to Victoria, Leadbeater’s possum takes its rightful place as that State’s mammal emblem.

(2009): The Possum-Tail Tree: Understanding Possums through Citizen Science. The black tip of its tail is just visible as it curls around a tree branch. The most common and widespread of the Australian gliders, the sugar glider is found in Australia and New Guinea across a variety [23] In the mainland states, possum trapping is legal when attempting to evict possums from human residences (e.g. Its bushy tail (hence its name) is adapted to grasping branches, prehensile at the end with a hairless ventral patch. Rock ringtail possum and the mountain pygmy-possum. Of slighter build than the common spotted cuscus, it rests in a tree hollow during the day. The Common Brushtail Possum was introduced to New Zealand in the 1830s where it has now become a pest species.In Australia, it is a protected species. roofs), but possums must be released after dusk within 24 hours of capture, no more than 50 m from the trapping site. [15] Brushtail possums are usually not aggressive towards each other and usually just stare with erect ears. The possum’s distribution in Australia is limited to Cape York but it is more widespread in New Guinea. What’s actually happening with shark bites in Australia, and should we be alarmed? To sleep, the quiet individuals simply hunch into a ball on a branch. [7] It weighs 1.2-4.5 kg. The common brushtail possum is perhaps the most widespread marsupial of Australia. A long friction pad on the underside of its 30 cm white-tipped tail helps when using the tail as an extra climbing limb or when carrying material for its football-sized nest of sticks, often called a drey. It is the Australian marsupial most often seen by city dwellers, as it is one of few that thrive in cities and a wide range of natural and human-modified environments. It ensures it’s safely back inside the den an hour before dawn.

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