Po investigates and is spotted by Hundun's accomplices as Hundun suspects that Po is burglaring him. Qinchu (Chinese for "Clear") is the main antagonist of the Kung Fu Panda comic "Special Delivery." During the battle, the crazed Peng also blamed Po for corrupting Tai Lung and taking the title and power of the Dragon Warrior from him. Upon seeing Crane's graceful movement, she urged him to attempt to enroll into the school as a student. They are introduced performers who steal from their audience. Kuo (Chinese for "Vast") is the main antagonist of the Kung Fu Panda comic "Art of Balance" by Ape Entertainment. This delightful story is all about the importance of manners and to always remember your manners no matter how delicious the donuts… Mr. Panda asks his animal friends if they would like a doughnut. Visiting Madame Zhou where he ended up discovering that Madame Zhou was a silent partner to the Lao Shu. Constable Hu helps Po fend off Lidong and the pig criminals. In "Apocalypse Yao," Fung and Gahri were part of a group of villains who gathered to bid on Kung Fu secrets stolen from Master Yao by Taotie, but were defeated despite gaining two of the secrets for their own use. Temutai enters his nephew Jing Mei into the children Kung Fu competition where he fights a Kung Fu prodigy named Peng. They were thus defeated in a battle with the heroes, and Shifu then revealed the truth behind his ruse. Despite this Jong's son still held it against Po and Fung and wanted them dead, only for Po and Fung to escape from Jong's castle. As is shown in Secrets of the Furious Five, Great Master Viper was shocked when Viper was born without fangs, prompting him to not pay her much attention as she grew up since he thought there was no point teaching her kung fu if she couldn't use "Poison Fang". When he finally learned that Po was the Dragon Warrior, he ended up attacking Po after easily taking down the Furious Fiv. Shortly after he tells Monkey and Crane of Peng's relation to Tai Lung and, despite Crane's insistence that he shouldn't judge him based on his uncle, is unwilling to risk being near Peng if he knows the truth. He also leaves on pretty good terms with his son. Upon finding the Ladies of the Shade's hideout, Po, Master Crane, and Master Viper had to disguise themselves with Po as a female, Master Crane as Po's dress, and Master Viper as a parasol so that they can get the Dragon Chalice back from Su. The vengeful Kai then attempts to take the chi from everyone in China. Po learned this too late when two of Jong's guards came to arrest Po. Shifu idolizes him and commented that Yao is known for being "the greatest Kung Fu mind this world has ever known." Master Crane is a crane who is the most patient of the Five and one of the most sarcastic. After figuring out that Tong Fo is secretly running the fights, Po helps Peng free Lian as the Kung Fu Fight Club members join in the fight against Tong Fo's gang with the help of Master Shifu. In the end Po accepts Song's apology and she thanks him with a kiss on the cheek before she leaves with her group, becoming the new leader of The Ladies of the Shade. However, he loses inner peace after he sees that Po is seemingly killed by one of Lord Shen's cannons. Taking advantage of Po's sudden flashback upon seeing his red feather markings, Shen manages to escape to a foundry where he orders a team of cannoneers to bring down the palace to kill the warriors, before they escape and later try to destroy the cannon foundry to stop production. Po then fights Ke-Pa and uses the Chi he has left to destroy the demon. Inspired by her faith in him, Crane agreed to make the attempt and she made sure his application was recognized at the induction challenge. In "The Most Dangerous Po," Fung is among the villains that were hunted by General Tsin and subjected to stiffening Zu Chao Powder. Tigress often shows how much she was brought up to kung fu—which, to say the least, is abnormally. The Furious Five defeated Tsin, but Po was suspicious and discovered they existed. However, Po then presented Wo Hop with the Golden Ladle, the intended honor for the official cook of the Master's formal feast, which restored his honor in his eyes. Master Shengqi (Chinese for "Angry") is a water buffalo Kung Fu Master who resides in Muchang. In "Secret Admirer", Monkey told Po of his story in a flashback: when he was a very young monkey, he was trying to impress the girls, but they fancied Wu Kong. The transition of all the threats eventually took its toll on his mind throughout the years. He, alongside Master Ox and Master Croc, were approached by Oogway who gave them the task of stopping the Wu Sisters at Hubei Volcano. Junjie then unleashes his henchmen on Po. Bian Zao would eventually discover the paralyzed Mantis and became intrigued when he spotted the "figure's" eyes moving. In Kung Fu Panda 2, Crane is shown to be the one responsible for carrying Po around. He tries to get Master Viper to not fight alongside the "two-leggers" and that she should fight alongside the snakes, in which she agrees to help him, much to Po's dismay. When Po is given the reward from the Rhino Guards, he throws the reward towards the Rhino Guards and gets Shengqi away. They spend the time touring the town but with Po's childlike behavior makes it hard for Song to charm Po and instead she finds herself beginning to like Po due to his kindness and humor. He later changes his mind and joins them for the last battle saying that "their friend (Master Shifu) is very persuasive."

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