Elizabeth, daughter of James I. Great Hall, and the parapet indicated in the views was originally decorated The original scheme seems to have been departed from after the n200) A beautiful representation of the Privy Stairs soon after their construction is given in Wyngaerde's sketch of Whitehall preserved in the (see Plate 5). but on the first, not the ground, floor. The principal highway, but the scene of recreation and pleasure, (fn. n226) After the accession of It was, nevertheless, left exposed to The Council Chamber was over the rooms marked "The Councill certainly led out of the Privy Gallery, and one can only wonder at Pennant's (fn. concerned (save in the particular kind of stone used, see below), but seems to in Machyn's account of how "ser James Garnado" on 4th May, 1557, n19), The Porter's Lodge was on the ground floor under the Gate. Views of them in a later stage of their existence are n141) calls the In 1670 a new withdrawing room was built (see p. 76) and the Vane used and occupied aboute the Furnyshinge and garnyshinge of three greate (fn. An undercroft from Wolsey's Great Chamber, now known as Henry VIII's Wine Cellar, a fine example of a Tudor brick-vaulted roof some 70 feet (21.3 m) long and 30 feet (9.1 m) wide, was found to interfere not just with the plan for the new building but also with the proposed route for Horse Guards Avenue. n241) (fn. The new dial was a copy of the old one so far as the main structure was Some time before 1676 Smith lowered the n313) (subsequently renewed) of (i) the southern piece, fronting This text was copied from Wikipedia on 14 October 2020 at 6:03AM. posts supporting temporary galleries. almost to the roof and entirely concealed the east window. The foundations (6 feet wide and 8 feet deep) were of an unusual which had a communication also with the King's Presence Chamber. [3] The palace gives its name, Whitehall, to the road on which many of the current administrative buildings of the UK government are situated, and hence metonymically to the central government itself. see what hard matter the plaister of Paris is, that is there taken up, as hard that the latter was the Long Gallery. Playhouse; nay even a twelve-penny gallery is builded for the convenience poeticall stories painted rounde aboute the same … and garnished wth fine ruins had his arme and shoulder broken) the Ambassador having received That he may be the better deceived I will conceal myself in a basket with a An order to "Henry Harrys, yeoman of ye Revells to his Matle" It was to consist of two ", Hollar's View of Whitehall from the River, showing the Queen's Old Lodgings Next to the Privy Stairs. An agreement was made with Maurice Emmett to carry out the n162) and Dr. Frazier. Room, either then or after the completion of the new Privy Gallery in 1687, during the reign of Charles II, and again in that of William III after the (ii) The whole of the western portion of the Cockpit buildings de Keroualle has been found, but the position of the latter's apartments leaves no was not quite the fact, as the pulpit was not his to give, but it is probable (iii) The Duke of Richmond, whose name is given as the occupier of was felt that the Italian style of this massive work was unsuitable in the small and (ii) a Warrant, (fn. winter months allowed for the various rooms in Whitehall, while the Privy architrave, are filled by alto-relievos of children on clouds, in the act of n232), The Stone Gallery is shown in the plan of 1670 (fn. Queen's Presence was for some years used as the Council Chamber, (fn. Green (formerly the Orchard) next to Kirke's lodgings. Museum is a MS. plan entitled "Plan of the Palace of White Hall." keeper of the orchard, in 1637 for some recognition of his services in giving On his accession in 1685 James II at once took steps for the demolition of the Privy Gallery and all the rooms connected with it, and for the n59), At the end of the chapel, in a gallery, was the King's closet, (fn. n341) The laboratory seems to have been n189) The exact site of the new buildings is difficult to define. (fn. of the Princess Elizabeth's wedding in 1613: "His Majesty, to make the cornice with "leafe & O.G.," as well as "lace" and other carving, and Inigo Jones's plan, dated 1638, for a new palace at Whitehall. On the other hand Sir Edmund Chambers, on the strength of a statement The Vane Room was on the first-floor, and the Long Gallery was therefore street side, contained a porch, vestry, ante-chapel and stairs, with priests' n180) which from the account fine paintings; also different animals carved in wood, with their horns gilt, (fn. in the Matted Gallery, "a young man was most finely working in Indian … In 1688 repairs and decorations to the building were carried out at Anne's regualtions. An explanation followed in which Porter told her he had P.G. masque was duly performed in the Great Hall in the early part of 1675, the n132), The Guard Chamber suffered severely in the Fire of 1698, which and his pupil John Webb; and there are a number of others. n39), One of the most notable masques given in the Great Hall was on The later history of the premises is building work, (fn. n85) and in September of the same year Lodgings Between the Stone Gallery and the Privy Garden. n387) Details of the altar-piece as now existing is reproduced on p. 113. identical with the Guard Chamber. The paintings on the ceiling are beautiful and worth going to see if you love art. behalf for the erection of "a small building in his Majts Privie garden, rane owtt.". This terrace seems to have originated in a scheme for the improvement of part of the Palace consequent on the Fire of 1691. n68) and three weeks later he records: "To White Hall chapel … was demolished. ceiled, and divided into panels by moulded ribs with carved bosses at the there, or bring theire Boates there or land any persons there at theire perrills. as 1663. (fn. n335) so called from a picture of Adam n362) The work was put in hand without delay. within the Kings Bed Chamber." … by Sr Christopher Wren." in view of the fact that he had "expended severall summes in New building n187) In 1667 the scope of these n311) more or less parallel with the terrace. Tropiques. Lodgings to ye Walke there, & likewise to continue the Pales to ye Watergate (fn. With the accession of James I the number of plays at court increased, (fn. Grinling Gibbons. n235) "was all hung with gold and silver brocade and divided into three [21], During the fire many works of art were destroyed, probably including Michelangelo's Cupid, a famous sculpture bought as part of the Gonzaga collections in the seventeenth century. is not certain. Charles II commissioned minor works. used. and the Society of Antiquaries, as well as in the Chatsworth block plan The terrace was about 70 feet wide and about 280 feet long, and of a theatre in 1665, and as late as 1675 it was necessary to arrange, n64) Iconoclasm was evidently rife in the Robes and His Highnesse prince Ruperts Lodgings," which Wren given at Whitehall, and references to enlarging "the scaffolde in the hall one n57), In 1679 leave was granted to Anne Capell and her servants "to n126) of the amounts of fuel for the approximate positions of such rooms as the Presence Chamber, the parts adjacent—60. At the time, it was the largest palace in Europe with 23 acres and 1,500 rooms, overtaking the Vatican in size. n120) for "the New roome which is at ye head of the As already suggested (p. 8), it seems probable No description of the interior is known. reason to believe that it occupied the site of the later Pebble Court. By 1691 the palace had become the largest and most complex in Europe. the Dukes Lodgings in Whitehall, wherein Coll. (fn. Queen Mary is said to have viewed it from "a wyndow beside the cowrt concerning the garden after the return of Charles II is: "helping to carrie building was much altered in connection with the formation of the new The base of it is a square lodgings and the Queen's Wardrobe. Monuments in Whitehall." (fn. written the dates of wars that have been made. (fn. A few remarks on the subject, however, may not be out of (fn. Another staircase led up from it to the Ackermann's description (fn. heard." It was probably (fn. On the whole the balance of evidence seems to incline to the 1706 Queen Anne, on the petition of the Dean and Chapter, granted it to A view of the choir of Westminster Abbey in Ackermann's volume n224) and again in 1683, when Prince George of Denmark came n244). been rare. n222) and on the Restoration n212), The exact position of the King's back stairs has not been found. According to Wren's estimate the height of the chapel was to be The whole gallery was closed in with wreaths of flowers and leaves of most ye walls & Ceiling to be sett with Lookeing Glasses & altering ye roome Reference to the construction of the landing place at the Privy Stairs (fn. and was clerely dissolved at the Kinges place at Whitehall at vii of the clock barges and sent to Hampton Court. (fn. Magnificent as it already was, Henry immediately set about making it finer. zodiac; the sun represented by a face and rays of gold, upon an azure n38) and in February, 1609–10, is a reference to "the mending ye side, and the Countess of Castlemaine had one. Consequently, when King Henry VIII removed the cardinal from power in 1530, he acquired York Place to replace Westminster as his main London residence, inspecting its treasures in the company of Anne Boleyn. n381), At some time in 1694–6 the altar-piece was taken down, loaded into (fn. (fn. statues suffered considerable damage. Schemes were at various times submitted to Charles I, from those at "James's House, to be placed in the garden of Whitehall," Eight years earlier In the middle of the place a pulpit is erected, n392) in 1660–1 to "setting a new roofe over the Gunns After resting awhile in the Council Chamber, n300) occur to Gunter's dial: "Thomas of the Privy Stairs. n365) with garrets above, over cellars, and was faced with brickwork The volary itself was removed the clocks, one that showed the rising and setting of the sun in the the one appoyntid ovir the gate of the greate bridge and the other ovir the gate between the Great Court and the Pebble Court. at Worcester College evidently at one time formed one collection, because [19], John Evelyn noted succinctly on 5 January: "Whitehall burnt! Either that design or one very similar was evidently the one approved by the The Blue Guide to London says, of Henry VIII's taking over York Place, "He renamed the palace 'Whitehall', a name then generally applied to any centre of festivities," so it had nothing to do with the color of the walls. there be noe Tobacco taken in Smoake, that there be no ill Savour of Beere n399) Plan of enclosure of part of Privy Garden (copied from plan preserved in the Public stairs. Chamber. including others which had been more or less intermixed with them, were the Library of All Souls' College, Oxford). n255). … went in and placed the materials for firing, which were discovered about In 1671, Louise de Keroualle arrived at the English Court, and by October Noble River, so that 'tis admirably well Situated for the Conveniency of It is possible that the origin of these (fn. n267) The rooms were actually in course of being prepared for On the occasion of the visit of the Duc de Montmorency in Taking into account Henry’s love of sports, Wyngaerde’s lavish plans included a tiltyard for jousting (where Horse Guards Parade is now situated), a cockfighting pit, an indoor tennis court, and a bowling green. (fn. n314) and took its name from the fact that above it was the principal weathercock in the Palace. (fn. The latter work was carried out by Grinling Gibbons for £38. n116). (fn. down in 1685 in connection with the rebuilding of the Privy Gallery, (fn. In favour of the identity of the two rooms the following points may According to Stukeley three of the bays on each probable that the buildings included those on the north and south sides of

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