As part of the deal, advertising is sold by Channel 5's now-relative company CBS Interactive. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, 11 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week, Neighbours teases imminent Pierce Greyson switch, Neighbours star speaks out on Toadie heartbreak, Neighbours' sinister Ned & Yashvi plot in 19 pics, Neighbours reveals a secret from Nicolette's past, Neighbours reveals first look at dark Ned story, Neighbours confirms new Rebecchi family member, Neighbours star defends Pierce recast decision, Neighbours star admits doubts over Dipi's affair, DIGITAL SPY, PART OF THE HEARST UK ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK. Router had been re-booted.

Then back to no service as has been usual recently. I know for certain that it doesn’t work (properly) on my main LG 4K TV though and It’s a relatively new TV too, so there shouldn’t be any issues at all, all my other TV apps work fine.

My5 crashes on iOS after age confirmation before video starts, My5 will not let me play catch up can play live only, My5 freezes as soon as it gets to ad breaks, trying to watch lip synch battle, it just buffers, grr.

Bit weird…, Not working on Freeview. Having experienced periods of turmoil in his personal life, he is currently seeking to rebuild a new life with his wife from whom he was previously estranged, in a second attempt at happiness. Can’t get to watch anything on my5 either via app or browser…frustrating. I’ve disconnected and reconnected. Hope this helps. I have this data syntax error unexpected token in Jersey, Channel Islands Worked this morning, then when I tried to watch the next episode this started happening? Keeps saying my email or password is not correct. I am using VPN on my IPad in USA and have been unable to watch Neighboyrs catch up on MyFive for two weeks. See details. Haven’t used My5 on my laptop for a few weeks and have now discovered it is not working properly. Can log in on my ipad. Alan Fletcher used to play a different character. Cookies help us to deliver our services.

All programs say ‘isn’t currently available’ through smart tv but ok on iPhone, January’s episodes of neighbours are missing. "Everyone thinks I'm leaving the show," she said, responding to a fan question. Unplugged n gonna try again!!!

On demand very juddery and has been dor a few days.

Very annoying!!! Catch-up? Why release a App that does not work, Try launching it through Freeview play if you have that,.that’s what i’m doing. Get the ads and opening then a blank green screen. I’ve tried every which way to watch my5 here in Birmingham. My5 now back to normal, update for tv loaded this morning so i cant say if it was My5 repair or lg software did it. Exactly the same thing here John. I have tried to change my password and log in and I can’t. I'm here, I'm still contracted. It’s not working in Elland, and hasn’t been for a few days. Anyone know why?

My5 catch up working on my laptop earlier this afternoon, now refuses to play and just keeps saying error. Ramsay Street never looked so good.

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