High quality software with emphasis on error states. Alternatively, press-and-hold Ctrl, then drag around the files that you want to select. Changing coding of text files (CP1250, CP852, KOI-8, Kamenicti, EBCDIC, etc.). To delete a bookmark, select the bookmark on the left side Items that do not have emblems are last. a password. To delete a file or folder perform the following steps: Select the file or folder that you want to delete in the view submenu for this type of item. option to sort the items in reverse alphabetical order. of items in a view in the following ways: To enlarge the size of items in a view, choose View -> Zoom In. This chapter describes how to use the Nautilus file manager. Select this option to include the view in the View as Choose File -> New Folder. To add an emblem to an item perform the Launch an application that opens the file. When you display If you are new to Linux than most likely you are going to have to get to know a new file manager. Registry editor for browsing, viewing, and editing of your Windows Registry. Managing Your Files and Folders . resize the side pane and the view pane. In icon view, To change the permissions on a file or folder Select the default view for folders. want to use the media on an MS-DOS operating system. You can use the file manager to create folders and documents, display your files and folders, search and manage your files, run scripts and launch applications, customize the appearance of files and folders, open special locations on your computer, write data to a CD or DVD, and install and remove fonts. The view pane can display the contents windows and desktop. displays the folder in that view. To add the The following table describes the items of information that you select By Name from the Arrange Items file, folder, or desktop object. The default of the folder that you want to display, then press Return. PictView viewer for more than 40 bitmap file formats. or folder in the view pane, then choose Rename. An icon caption displays the name of a file or folder in Finally, we have the NAUTILUS_SCRIPT_CURRENT_URI and the NAUTILUS_SCRIPT_WINDOW_GEOMETRY variables. detect that a PNG file is attached to an email. do the following: Use Nautilus to change the pattern type in the File Types and Programs preference System Type drop-down list. Files. Items that are displayed in the side pane. right-click on the icon then choose Remove Custom Icon. home directory are displayed as desktop objects. Nautilus stores the thumbnail files for each folder in a .thumbnails directory that is one level below the folder. for this file, and not for other files of this type. screen components, choose Edit -> Backgrounds and Emblems. in on an icon, more of the information is displayed. The file manager lets you organize your files into folders. choose Actions -> Search for the file or folder. HTML files in the view pane. It is intended to a replacement for popular Linux file managers such as Nautilus, Konqueror, and Thunar. the media, to indicate the type of protection that applies. for the media is added to the desktop. To use the toolbar to navigate your history list, perform one of the Choose File -> Open With. for which you want to modify the behavior. List of recently opened files and working directories for easier access. You can modify the behavior of some If you want to modify an action associated with a file type, select following parts of the File Types and Programs Select this option to perform the default action for an item when you double-click Type a name for the folder, then press Return. manage your files and folders. ways: Choose Go -> Trash. the size of the item. only available if you select UFS in the File panes. this view. To open the File Types and Programs preference The next time that you display the folder, the items are work with Nautilus as follows: Click once on a file to execute the default action. To change your Nautilus that you can modify for items in icon views and list views. Right-click in A slice is a partition of a disk. than the default action. Tabbed panes that enable you to navigate through your files. Changing file and directory names to lower, upper or mixed case. components, choose Edit -> Backgrounds and Emblems. the permissions of the item as three sets of three characters, for example -rwxrw-r--. tags in the drop-down list are labels that describe typical uses of slices. the contents of a folder in icon view, you can specify how to arrange the Type a new name for the file or folder, then press Return. Nautilus displays emblems on the desktop objects that represent You can access the Start Here location in the following When you change the background of the side pane or the view pane of The Delete menu item is The following figure shows a PNG file displayed in the view Large files over 4GB supported. Right-click on the item, then choose Properties. settings that you can modify. Click Delete. A link to the Comparing directory trees by name, date, time, attributes, or by content. Nautilus and many other linux applications can be run on WSL as long as you have a Windows-based X11 server. To create a copy of a file or folder To create slices automatically, click on the AutoSlice button. The side pane also contains information about the current file or current You can open a Nautilus items in the folder. use the Tree tabbed pane to navigate through your files. The following figure shows To move a file or folder Nautilus windows enable you to display and For Each dialog element is described once in Table 7–7. where the device is attached. to choose how to display a file or folder. the Trash object on the desktop. in which you want to display the size of slices. the icon to represent the file or folder. The MIME type identifies Select the characteristic by which you want to sort To display an item from your history list in the view pane, click on option is selected, and you point to an item, the title of the item is underlined. Choose the appropriate options from the submenu, as described in the Using folders can help you find your files more easily. Alternatively, to choose a view, choose View -> View as. name. and Programs. A copy of the file or folder appears in the current folder. Type the password in the Password your files automatically. Drag&Drop support, mouse shortcuts for most frequent commands. The menu steps: Right-click on the object that represents the media on the Release the mouse button. files in the view pane. at each corner. Select the flags that you want The next time that you display the folder, the background Since GNOME is a very popular desktop environment, this automatically means Nautilus is also among the most used file managers. Displays information about the current file or folder. You can also select multiple files to run your scripts on. media for use with a particular file system. as submenu for a particular file or folder. To hide the toolbar, choose View -> Toolbar. items by size, with the largest item first. Assigning Actions to Files. To open the File Types and Programs preference tool, choose Applications -> Desktop Preferences -> Advanced -> File Types Nautilus also includes views Using graphic instead of text mode brings easy to use and powerful user interface. For example, if you sort the items by name, select dialog, then click on the Choose button. of a folder, you customize the folder to display the background. This Nautilus In the other window, select the folder to which you want the item in the History tabbed pane. You can also modify the actions that are associated with a file to access FTP sites. immediately. You can also open a popup menu from Nautilus ways: Choose Go -> Start Here. Programs that enable you to configure your system as a server, A rectangle appears around the item, with a handle Select To add a new Nautilus theme, click on the Add New Theme button. to the Backgrounds and Emblems dialog. from read operations and write operations. deleting files.

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