Within Alteryx, each configuration is embedded into the node.

One of the huge advantages is that the data itself does not need to be completely transformed into a new file before configuring connections between datasets – all of the work can be done on existing data, and the manipulation can happen on the fly – no need for messy spreadsheets with detailed inserts to get the data into the database. While this may work with small datasets, for larger amounts of information (as was crucial in our case), this made working with it unnecessarily time-consuming, as it became necessary to wait for Alteryx to process each application to complete to proceed.

For outputting data, Alteryx provides an easy to use “Output Data Tool,” which will connect to a vast array of different data sources and file formats. Before knowing the exact difference between Alteryx and KNIME you should know What is Alteryx and What is KNIME.

The pieces we are comparing will include: Both KNIME and Alteryx use a similar workbench type of approach.

It can automate time-consuming and manual data tasks while performing predictive, statistical, and spatial analytics in the same workflow. Alteryx is a super tool that combines the functionalities required for Data Preparation, Geo-Spatial Analytics, and Data Science. It uses a drag and drop tool with an intuitive user interface with no coding and programming required. It enables loading in various analytical models, and also has a built-in scoring model for predicting values or classes of datasets, and it can be used for scoring new models. The difference in the pricing of the two options is large – Alteryx typically starts at around $3000 annually, while KNIME is free.

For this reason, in an equal world, Alteryx’s data preparation tools feels a bit superior to KNIME’s. Nodes are grouped into an easy to understand menu on the top of the application. The fact that KNIME provides easy connections to BIRT and Tableau strengthens this recommendation. They have evolved beyond simple ETL functions to being complete, or nearly complete Business Intelligence tools. Alteryx licenses are subscription-based and include all product updates and support to their customers. Unlike Alteryx, it is an open-source platform. This can be a factor on a slow computer. While either approach can be a workable solution for your direct marketing organization, which one you choose would depend on how user-friendly you need it to be, how much support, the cost, and overall data analysis functionality you might need. These can include everything from data analytics tools including many predictive modeling features, to useful output functions, including the ability to create graphics, charts and full-fledged dashboards. KNIME also makes it possible to export data into a wide range of databases and formats, ranging from Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, H2, and many more.

We monitor all Data Science Platforms reviews to prevent fraudulent reviews and keep review quality high. By right-clicking on a node, you can set configurations based on its functionality. It is now useful in almost every field one can think of, and have not limited itself only to data mining experts.

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