Daniel then receives a call from Max and Emma telling him how to save Leo. We Know If You'd Be A Raven Or An Eagle At The Greenhouse Academy Based On Your Preferences. Daniel is a young African-American boy, with brown-skin, brown eyes and black stubby hair. At this boarding school for young leaders, geeks and jocks divide into rival groups. However, when Daniel and Leo go to get the final flag, Daniel tells him that Hayley is with him and so he already won. Daniel assures her that they are using the best strategy to which she says "Ok". Hayley continues to tell Daniel "The world will be a sad place if you don't understand that". Lire ses 269 critiques, Contact | He picks up the phone and to his surprise, Hayley Woods was on the other side of the phone. In Bad Decisions, Daniel and Alex stall the basketball game in order to make sure that Judy doesn't set off an earthquake. Sophie, annoyed and angry at Daniel tells him that he can't do this. In The Hidden Flag, Hayley tells the Eagles to try a different strategy while playing capture the flag. After Leo gets saved, however, Hayley comes in and talks to him and looks at him a way that she never looked at Daniel. Hayley smiles and goes with Daniel. Judy is very happy and Daniel is too. Shocked, Daniel and Leo tell everyone in the Greenhouse. Hayley then decides to switch over to the Eagles after copious amounts of fighting between the 2 groups. CGU | Release year: 2017. While at the beach, Daniel tries to hide the shrapnel injury that he had in his leg, before being accompanied by Brooke. Publicité | After Alex and Hayley are accepted into the Greenhouse, Daniel asks Alex over to the Eagles clubhouse, after the annual opening ceremony. Relations: Originally, he was the Captain of the Eagles before the incident with the taser bar, and was considered a born leader. Hayley tells Daniel that they weren't doing anything and that she didn't even like him. Brooke then tells him later that her father invited Daniel and Judy over for dinner. In Captain Material, Daniel gets replaced as captain by Sophie to which Daniel doesn't take very well. Greenhouse Academy: Season 2 (Trailer) Greenhouse Academy (Trailer) Episodes Greenhouse Academy. Marcus finds the marker and finds out that someone wrote the word "Marcus". He used weird excuses to get out of class which made Alex suspicious. He is very athletic, and in great physical shape. Later after the challenge had finished, Daniel shows great dismay at his team's loss and later remarks that Alex was a traitor after he refused to take the key from Hayley, when she offered it to him. They both grab the bomb that Kyle set off and throw it into the ocean. Daniel and Hayley end up saving Leo and take him home. He then asks him to at least be nice to her before he leaves. Welcome to the most elite boarding school on the West Coast. Daniel then just warns Alex that there were hundreds of applicants, but only one spot on the Eagles team. In Surfing Lessons, he fakes an ankle injury in order to go through his mother's things. Parker Grant (Best Friend), Brooke Osmond (Ex), Hayley Woods (Ex), Alex Woods, Sophie Cardona, Tammy, Becca, Max Miller, Leo Cruz, Jackie Sanders, Emma Geller, Aspen Fairchild Daniel notices and is a bit upset. After Brooke explains the reason to why the game was lost, Daniel comes at her very strong proceeding to tell her "You know what something like that can do to an athlete". After the Eagles lose, Hayley looks at Daniel and the rest of the members sulking over their loss. He then goes on a camping trip planned by Leo and Sophie. Daniel is very misunderstood, and during Season 1 he acted as if he was better than everyone and pretended not to care about what people thought, but in reality, he really cares. They both go out to the movie. Residence: Daniel is seen through the basket ball games in a navy blue jacket with eagels on the front and Hayward on the back Hayley tells him that his injury was different. Later in that morning, Daniel announces to his fellow Eagles, that Louie had issued the year's opening challenge, getting them to head to the classroom. Eagles Pilot 28m. Qui sommes-nous | Elle est top comme série; action, intrigue, relation amoureuse....et y’a même une 2 eme saison disponible sur netflix. Daniel goes to throw out a pizza box, but Hayley decides to take it instead. Friends: In Room 205, Hayley finds out about the deleted message and gets angry at Daniel. Judy calls someone on her phone soon after and it is figured out that the police's car exploded. In Rock by Rock, Daniel, still stuck in the closet with Brooke screams for help. Greenhouse Academy est une série télévisée américaine en quarante épisodes d'environ 25 minutes créée par Giora Chamizer et publiée entre le 8 septembre 2017 et le 20 mars 2020 sur la plateforme Netflix, incluant les pays francophones. Lire ses 11 critiques, Suivre son activité Greenhouse Academy est une série TV de Giora Chamizer avec Ariel Mortman (Hayley Woods), Finn Roberts (Alex Woods). 9 juin 2020 - 188 Likes, 4 Comments - frases de séries|filmes (@descontroladamente) on Instagram: “ Série: Greenhouse Academy | 4x08 ⁣ ⁣ → Mais tirinhas da série: #IGDGreenhouseAcademy |…” Alex then thought that Daniel and Hayley were dating. Hayley tries to cheer him up but he tells her that he doesn't want the cheerleading spirit. He is the American counterpart to Daniel Goren. In the opening scene, we see Daniel and Hayley calling each other "Babe" as one couple would. She then tells him that he was jealous and that what he did was wrong. Fortunately, Coach Davies hears Daniel and Brooke and frees them from the closet. Romances: Cet série est, pour moi, un pur chef d'oeuvre. He then proceeds to delete the message from her Louie. Lire ses 2 critiques, Suivre son activité Daniel is seen through the basket ball games in a navy blue jacket with eagels on the front and Hayward on the back. In Great Scott and L.D.R, Daniel goes to the dance with Brooke but doesn't do anything with her. 1 abonné In The Hike, it is shown that Daniel and Hayley are officially dating. In A Born Leader, Daniel and Brooke manage to retrieve Emma's chess set and they try to investigate her disappearance. Brooke and Daniel stay together just like this. However, it doesn't work out and he goes to try to get Hayley and Leo. In Cortinarius Orellanus, Daniel and Hayley try to set up decorations for the tech conference. Age: They both use romantic gestures and Leo notices leaving him quite upset. Everyone tries to keep it a secret with both teams agreeing saying that the hike was on them. The Eagles are also shown to value team-work and good-sportsmanship, but are not afraid to play dirty. In Your New Best Friend, Daniel visits Hayley's new house and stops by to pick her up for a run. She then proceeds to break up with Daniel only to drag him into saving Leo. In Meant to Be, Brooke finds Daniel coming out of the lab and is worried about him. Marcus decrypts it and finds out that Hayley wrote it. On the panel however, he realizes that the last person that checked out the book was Marcus. In Hundred Percent, Daniel helps up Hayley and makes sure that she was alright. 1. But when she tries to, she slips and falls off a cliff. Pilot 28m. Brooke picks up her Louie and passes it to Daniel. Then, Team Eureka was born. Judy at first only asks about Brooke which makes Daniel even more confused. She tells them to stop in which they reply that they can never accept a loss. He then sees Hayley sleep. Later in the episode, Daniel gets tickets to watch a Fast and Furious movie with Hayley. Pour ceux qui regarde en VOSTFR c'est une série enfantine qui pourrait passer sur des chaines tels que Disney Channel, mais pour ceux qui regarde en VO c'est une série qui a totalement sa place sur Netflix et qui représente assez bien la rivalité entre deux camps qui, au ... Greenhouse Academy n'est certainement pas le meilleur teen show du moment, sur les deux premières saisons, l'intrigue prend du temps à se mettre en place avec un rythme autant pesant que lent où l'on essaye tant bien que mal d'y trouver un intérêt, mais on arrive petit à petit à être suffisamment captivé dès la saison 3 avec une intrigue bien en place et assez intéressante. Daniel then ends up confessing his love for Hayley and kisses her. Portrayed By: Le jeu d'acteur est franchement pas bon, avec des dialogues pauvres. Daniel and Brooke are together for the full season of season 1. In The Client, Daniel tries to get access into the Greenhouse. Judy Hayward bribes the doctor for the evidence in which he replies that it has been sent to a lab. This causes Sophie to come in and break up the fight. Daniel tells Alex about what happened and Alex tells him that he needed to tell her otherwise he wouldn't be able to forgive himself. Judy Hayward (Mother) Des vampires, un chevalier, un biopic porté par Octavia Spencer... Toutes les sorties séries sur Netflix du 20 au 26 mars... De l'épisode 12 inédit de la saison 10 de "The Walking Dead" sur OCS à l'épisode 5 de la saison 5 de "Outlander" sur Netflix,... De la très attendue adaptation de "Watchmen" sur OCS City en US+24 au retour des Shelby dans la saison 5 de "Peaky Blinders"... La page de la rentrée enfin tournée, Netflix a pris de bonnes résolutions avec un planning bien chargé pour son mois d’octobre.... La saison 1 et la saison 2 sont juste parfaites. Daniel still leaves it on his night table in case he gets hungry. In A Not Totally Bad Person, Daniel and Hayley visit Leo. He pulls out a weird device from his mother's bag. Daniel Hayward All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. He says no, but when Hayley tells him, he goes. Lire sa critique, Suivre son activité La façon de tourner les épisodes et le jeu des acteurs est fabuleux. He tells Hayley and Brooke that him and Leo will take down the beeping sound. : Je conseille réellement cette série. Greenhouse Academy, Daniel is a young African-American boy, with brown-skin, brown eyes and black stubby hair. High quality Greenhouse gifts and merchandise. He fights Eric and pushes him off a cliff and then lets his friends go. He then takes off the bomb and he runs into the Greenhouse. Daniel acts very nice towards Hayley but mainly looks at her Louie. Marcus then gives them the keyword, "Eureka". During the match, Alex is easily able to out-play Daniel, so Daniel starts playing mind-games with Alex by bringing up his dead mother; Ryan. Je vous conseille à tous cette magnifique série. Ex. In The Perfect Solution, Daniel and Leo find out that Coach Davies messed with the kids in the woods. In Home, Daniel and Leo both go to the cave to save Hayley and Ryan. This causes Brooke to get very upset and dance with Alex. He with the help of Team Eureka takes down the client. Later in the episode, Daniel comes face to face with Alex, who reveals himself to be a big fan of his. Daniel however just ignores Alex, before he hears the exam announcement over the loud speaker, just as Hayley buts into the conversation to try and defend Alex.

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