Eventually, Donnelly relented and the fight was staged on the banks of the Grand Canal. No known documentation exists to support the latter. But without the subsequent travels of his right arm, his fame might well have been confined to that space. [7], As news of his fighting exploits with Dublin's feuding gangs spread swiftly. A squat, weather-beaten, gray obelisk surrounded by a short iron fence marks the exact site of the Cooper bout. He told her that he would take it in the cockpit with himself.

Our Byrne family in Kilcullen have been the custodians of the fighter’s mummified right arm for nearly seven decades now, which is a big chunk of the 200 years since Donnelly died, was buried, and then dug up for illegal sale to one Surgeon Hall in Dublin. "[40] It became a popular attraction in Kilcullen.[41]. Bets were made back then as is still customary to this day. It was on display there for 43 years until Jim Byrne died and the pub passed to his son, Desmond,[35] who was unaware of the arms value, and in 1997 he eventually sold the pub.

[12] The spot was known at the time as Belcher's Hollow, a natural amphitheatre that was regularly used for big prize fights. Donnelly's arm found a new home in Jim Byrne's pub, "The Hideout. Donnelly became a publican, hoping his notoriety would entice extra customers eager to hear stirring tales of his prize-ring. A portrait of legendary bare-knuckle boxer Dan Donnelly. The fight ended in some controversy, but to the Irish, he was the conquering hero. He had a reputation for being a gambler, a womanizer and a drunkard. A few years as a publican in Dublin afterwards were not very successful, as Dan was fond of a drink himself, by all accounts.

[32] Publican Jim Byrne came up with the idea of recreating Donnelly's fight with George Cooper in the Curragh. After I left, Des did the same, and one key visitor was a reporter fromSports Illustrated magazine in the US, which gave a six-page spread to Des and the story. [27] The cheers could be heard in villages for miles around. Dan was synonymous with Ireland as he was a patriot. I WONDER if the 19th pugilist Dan Donnelly would be as well known today as he is, if his arm had not been taken off by the surgeon to whom grave-robbers took his body? [31], From an Edinburgh classroom, the arm became an exhibit in a Victorian travelling circus,[31] and it journeyed around Britain many times.

[44], Josephine sat in first class. They prevailed upon him to fight Molyneux originally, and he said no.

Whenever Dan's right hand bloodied an English nose, it was hailed as a strike, however small, against the oppressors. One contends that he had the longest arms in boxing history, with the ability to touch his knees without bending down. [24] He did rise for the next round, but in the eleventh, Donnelly finished him off with a tremendous right hand that smashed Cooper's jaw. The hero is revered; he's someone who is willing to stand up and fight for himself and his people. He had no desire to fight a conquered man, because Molyneux had just been beaten by the other man of the company, George Cooper. Donnelly's first big fight under the patronage of Captain Kelly, was staged at the Curragh in County Kildare on 14 September 1814. Donnelly fans voiced that no, Dan had definitely won, Hall didn't want to fight on, Donnelly was the champion. [39] Each region was encouraged to have some sort of festival to attract visitors. After the media search gained traction, Josephine revealed that they kept the arm during the sale and it was disrespectfully laying in their basement. In his third and final fight on 21 July 1819, he defeated Tom Oliver in 34 rounds on English turf, at Crawley Down in Sussex. Donnelly's admirers tracked the body to the home of a surgeon by the name of Hall and threatened him with death. [32], The publican got tired of it and thought the grisly-looking sight might be frightening off customers, so he stuck it up in an attic. His findings put flesh on what had been a more skeletal account which I had been aware of, and had told in stories through the years of my association with the relic. The bout was set for 13 November 1815. From early morning, crews began to converge on Donnelly's Hollow. dan donnelly. For last week’s Today how, she nominated me to tell the story to a new national audience, as the ‘elder lemon’ of the Byrne family. He was doing this just a bit too often for Donnelly's liking, and at one stage, Donnelly was just about to lash out when he was down, and his second shouted out an admonishment that Dan would lose the fight if he did so. Donnelly fans voiced that no, Dan had definitely won, Hall didn't want to fight on, Donnelly was the champion. [15] That goes back to the storytelling tradition which still exists today.

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