It will add weight to your hiker's pack, though—for a lighter-weight, non-insulated option, the tried-and-true Camelbak Chute water bottle is incredibly sturdy and leakproof. Audiences have left plenty of positive reviews for the film, often praising its detailed sets, impressive direction, and fascinating plot. Based on how well you raise your Tamagotchi from an egg to an adult will determine which of the seven surprise characters you receive. These new Tamagotchis will be released on December 1, 2020, and are available to pre-order in red and white on Amazon for $20. It wasn't Disney, Pixar, Studio Ghibli, or even DreamWorks that made one of the decade's most visually hilarious animated films, but Frenchman Sylvain Chomet. Their unlikely friendship evolves through the years as the film portrays the protagonists' dual lives. Further down the page are additional lists of high- (and low-) scoring films by category. Overflowing with countless characters and boundless lore, "The Fellowship of the Ring" is most simply described as an adventure film in which a young hobbit (Elijah Wood) and his companions trek across a vast landscape to destroy a ring bound to an evil force. Sign In Trending New Popular type to search. Everything Pixar put out in the 2000s could have made this list (except Cars, obviously), but we’re going with Brad Bird’s widescreen action comedy about a family of superheroes. Lesser-known films like "Persepolis" and "Mary and Max" also earned rave reviews from fans. The inspired, magical weirdness of Spirited Away offers a glimpse at worlds most other animated films never even thought of. Such is the power of Ang Lee's masterful, breathtaking action epic that changed martial arts movies forever and was most Westerners' first introduction to Michelle Yeoh. Many have also called this film compelling and emotional to watch. Not only does it contain supplies for pain, cuts and scrapes, burns, and blisters (every hiker’s nemesis! Even without the “animated” qualifier this is one of Hollywood’s best superhero films, with vivid characters, relatable problems, dynamics visuals, and a sly sense of humor. Using audience reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, Insider rounded up some of the most beloved films from the early aughts. Insider rounded up some of the best movies from the 2000s using audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes. The fervor with which people love Hayao Miyazaki's imaginative animated films—particularly this one, about a girl who travels to the world of spirits—rivals the passion felt for Disney and Pixar (albeit without the same level of box office success). Joel and Ethan Coen have made at least one film in each decade since the 1980s that could reasonably be considered their best, and each of those bests is better than most of the other films released that decade. Trekking poles will help increase your hiker's balance and stability and reduce strain on their lower body by distributing it to their arms and shoulders. Get exclusive deals, product news, reviews, and more with the Mental Floss Smart Shopping newsletter. Casual moviegoers and comic-book fans alike still hold the film in high regard due to its stylish direction, exhilarating plot, and impressive leading performances from Bale and Ledger. 2019-09-17T21:22:00Z The letter F. A ghost. Like what you see here? This handy 67-piece kit is stuffed with all the things you hope your hiker will never need in the wilderness. Surely there was no better Hollywood satire in the 2000s than Ben Stiller’s scathing, piercing, merciless mockery of showbiz egos set during a disastrous film shoot in the jungles of Asia. Its 3-inch-by-5-inch profile won’t take up much room in a pack or purse. As society breaks down around him, Shaun, his friend Ed (Nick Frost), and his ex-girlfriend (Kate Ashfield) attempt to take refuge in a bar and survive the invasion. Nothing beats ice-cold water after a summer hike or a sip of hot tea during a winter walk. Before he gained legions of fans with his Batman movies and Inceptions and Dunkirks and whatnot, Christopher Nolan (along with co-writer/brother Jonathan) made Memento, an ingeniously constructed neo-noir about a man with short-term memory loss trying to find his wife's killer—oh, and the movie starts with the final scene and works its way backward. The autobiographical story follows Marjane across various countries and tracks her growth as she reconciles with her Iranian identity. Moviegoers and superhero fans remarked that the film came as a pleasant surprise after a string of less-than-successful comic-book adaptations in the 2000s, calling special attention to Downey Jr's "charismatic performance" and the flick's fast-paced action sequences. This site uses third party cookies for analytics and advertising. Listed below are the 100 best-reviewed (highest-scoring) movies released between January 1, 2000 and April 6, 2018. Viewers praised the gore-filled comedy for its wit and cinematography, taking particular note of Wright's deft direction and the flick's social commentary. The decade horror went global. Meghan Cook. And as some hardcore backpackers note in their Amazon reviews, your favorite hiker can take the tumblers out and stuff the pot with a camp stove, matches, and other necessities to make good use of space in their pack. A 21st-century love story from the brilliantly sad mind of Charlie Kaufman, directed by the visionary Michel Gondry, in which Jim Carrey seeks to erase his memories of a lost love (Kate Winslet). An envelope. Subscriber A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. Movies That Should've Won Best Picture (But Never Did), The Most Underrated Films of the Last 30 Years, Collider's 35 of the Worst Films Ever Made. The 100 greatest films from 2000-2010 according to, check what you've seen so far. 12 teen movies from the early 2000s that you might've forgotten about, mixing stunning visual art and powerful messages. What we couldn’t have known was how prescient its depiction of a society trying to hold onto hope would seem in 2019. Visually, it's ingenious; thematically, it's melancholy and insightful (not to mention funny) in its exploration of true love and the persistence of memory.

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