What if you were able to change future events right now by simply thinking positive thoughts and affirmations? Click here for my eBook that describes starseed markings for 12 stars and star systems! Founder, Webmaster, & Editor, In5D.com Do you feel like something really big is on the horizon but you cannot put your finger on what it is? I think it will be pretty much true for anyone in mainland North America. Also important is when significant constellations, like the Pleiades “disappear” behind the sun and are no longer visible in the night sky. Still unsure? Founder, Webmaster, & Editor, In5D.com We’ve all been around negative energy but fortunately, there are ways to cleanse this from you and your home. On the 2nd house cusp, 26 Scorpio, 41, that is the mark of the Pleiades. Arcturian starseeds, I have done some smaller articles on this subject but now is the time to really persist on it. Beings from Arcturus are focused on ushering in the “new future” on Earth in relation to technology, community living that is focused on balance and sustainability. Locating the Pleiades star cluster in the sky and orientating yourself so that the star cluster is either directly above your head or so that you are facing the star cluster as it rises above the horizon or sets below it. Find your starseed markings in your birth chart using my ebook The Starseed’s Compass: A Guide to Identifying Your Soul’s Origins. You can easily locate the star system if you do the daytime meditation because it will be located behind the sun. Astrological alignments are useful when you are trying to connect with ET spirit guides. Pleiadian? very sensitive to sounds, lights, smells, chemicals, etc. Bowl or Locomotive: Strong lightworker indicator, Cluster Chart: Strong Indigo Child indicator. (Ancient Egypt was at its prime during the Age of Taurus). For this meditation, I have a favourite place located in the bush that has been used by my ancestors for generations as a ceremonial ground. For this step, I basically sat in the middle of my medicine wheel but you can build your favourite crystal grid around yourself and it will work in the same way. They have agreed to help Earth by acting as spirit guides and by incarnating on to Earth as starseeds. Many people are aware of Carl Jung’s contributions to the world of psychology but did you know about his contributions to the world of spirituality? 1. So if you sit outside with Arcturus above your Crown chakra and the Sun below your Root chakra – you can position yourself for some serious Arcturian energy integration. Mini Birth Chart Starseed Reading for Starseed Origins, Extended Birth Chart Starseed Reading for Starseed Origins, Starseed's Compass: Identifying Your Starseed Origins, Connect With Arcturus During the Arcturian Alignment, How To Connect With Your ET Spirit Guides. Starseeds born under this alignment are likely Arcturian starseeds that have integrated the energy from their past life in Arcturus into their current life. There are many possibilities that could qualify as […]. What if there was a ‘Cosmic Wildcard’ that no one can truly imagine? Sagittarius in these signs can be a good intuition or visionary indicator. Find a peaceful location to meditate, preferably outdoors. You have the responsibility of knowing about the crystal powerpoints on the planet. It is considered to be a very old star system. Related: 7 Unmistakable Indigo Children Traits (Truth Revealed) The Pleiades stars, for example, are a cluster of stars known since ancient times.. If you have a lot of these, then chances are, you have a Pleiadian lineage. When this Arcturian alignment occurs in April, starseeds may find it beneficial to meditate outside during the night because Arcturus is visible in the night sky in the Northern Hemisphere. Kite Formation in Chart: If the midheaven, Neptune or Uranus is the point of the kite. Who you are has a lot to do with the day, date and time you incarnated here on Earth, due to the specific planetary starseed alignments at the time of your birth. Arcturian Starseeds are born with varying degrees of well-integrated Arcturian energy (or karma). The alignment of specific planetary positions in the houses will tell you what specific type of destiny you have chosen for this incarnation. Go to "Get Starseed Confirmation" and fill out the required fields with your birth info, month, day, year, time, place and your present location and phone number. All Rights Reserved. Why? Venus 27, Scorpio in the 2nd house:

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