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DIY Handmade Rainbow Wand: Kids Grasp This Weekend

On the weekend, kids usually get bored and keep using devices that affect their eyes and reduce their creativity. So, instead of using devices and wasting their time, parents should help their kids learn and try new creative things that not only enhance their creativity but also help them use their minds and imaginations for better and more positive development.

Creating Rainbow Wand would be an interesting idea because through this kids will get to know about new colors and various things that will help them to be creative and boost their confidence. This helps them to create their creativity at the best level where they can. If you will stay with us you will get to know how this DIY project will help kids can do their best to improve their creativity. 

So, we have chosen to share a DIY project of making a rainbow wand which is really handy and interesting accessory that helps the kids to get aware of the colors and other new things.

Material Requirement for Rainbow Wands

Rainbow or Colorful Ribbons





Glitter card

Paper Straw


How to Make Rainbow Wands

  1. Begin by cutting the colorful or rainbow ribbons such as orange, red, blue, and so on into sleek pieces of the same length.
  2. After that, on glitter cards, kids can draw two times any of their favorite shapes with the help of a pencil such as a star, heart, smiley, and so on.
  3. Now, as the shapes and ribbons are cut kids should use a straw and glue to stick their favorite shapes on both corners of the straw with the help of pegs to keep them in pace i.e parallel to each other.
  4. Before pasting or attaching the shape to the straw, kids should attach ribbons at one side of the glitter card and secure them properly, so that they won’t fall down easily.
  5. By following all these necessary steps kids can successfully build a rainbow wand and enjoy playing with that.
  6. If kids want to make their wand look more interesting then they can make various expressions on the shapes they cut and make that look more innovative and creative.

Then, here you have the rainbow wand with various interesting colors that helps the kids in knowing and recognizing them easily.

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