Contribution of Parents to Baby’s Mental Development

There is a phased manner in which the baby undergoes development of the mental faculties. There is important contribution by the parents to this aspect for the betterment of the baby. Every parent wants mature faculties of observation in the children and the right approach during the infancy stage itself will go a long way in ensuring success of objectives of parents. Brain development starts during the pregnancy stage itself and continues through to the adult timeframe. What is of value is to establish a firm foundation during the infancy for a fruitful result in the long term. Making constructive efforts during the infancy stage itself is required to get positive outcome ensuring beginning of mature mental development of the baby’s brain. Parents need to be alert while taking care of the babies and ensure meeting some specific requirements for the overall benefit of the baby. By working on certain steps, the parents will be helping inter-communication between millions of brain cells by passing of chemical messages over tiny spaces called synapses. With the repetition of messages over and over again there will be multiple links that will be formed amongst neurons that will help develop a mature brain.

Additionally, following actions can be taken by parents to ensure mental development of babies.

  • Actively Respond to Baby
    This is very important when the baby is sick, hungry, upset, or simply needs some comfort. Parents can also be approached in some positive ways as well like by making pleasant sounds or smiling. By virtue of loving response by parents in a consistent way the brain will see significant development.
  • Have Safe and Loving Environment
    Parents need to ensure the home is safe and offers a loving environment. Additionally, develop daily routines that are of benefit to the baby and ensure cleanliness all around.
  • Enable Baby Explore Entire Surroundings
    Babies tend to learn better in a playful manner, and a parent is child’s first playmate. You just need to play simple games that will help baby learn about the people and the world around. It is also good to talk to your baby as you go through your daily routines. Tell your baby what is going on, point out interesting things that can be seen together, and help the baby develop other senses like hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling.
  • Ensure Regular Health care of the Baby
    Parents need to ensure checking of baby by a healthcare provider on a regular basis. Ensure timely vaccination of the child and do keep informed about the next steps required for good health maintenance.
  • Have Healthy Community Connections
    Keep yourself informed of the services and programs available in your neighbourhood. Many communities have agencies or centres that serve young families, do enrol in those agencies to gain advantage. Many places have visiting professionals who can address questions. Public health unit or family resource program is also a place to leverage for overall benefit of baby’s brain.
  • Ensure Quality Care for Baby
    In case it is necessary, ensure leaving the baby with an affectionate care provider who will care for your baby like you do. Choose someone you trust and who is able to respond to your baby’s emotional needs, and provide a safe and healthy environment with opportunities to learn and grow for overall positive effect on brain’s development.

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