Spring Activities

Best Spring Activities To Do With Your Toddlers

As a parent, your main goal should be to find ways that would allow your kids to enjoy their spring break with you in the best way possible.

We know it’s not an easy thing to do and there are a lot of things that you have to keep in mind and the good thing is that we got a couple of activities for you that you can do with your toddlers during this spring break so you can have fun with them! 

Spring Activities


55 Best Spring Activities To Do With Your Toddlers 

Here are some of the best activities that you can do with your toddlers during Spring Break 2022: 

  1. Make slime with your kids
  2. Set up a salon inside your house
  3. Help them learn nail art 
  4. Carry out a fancy dinner in your house
  5. Make a pinata
  6. Learn how to make friendship bracelets
  7. Make bubbles
  8. Teach your pets tricks
  9. Train your pets 
  10. Have a picnic in your house
  11. Listen to a podcast
  12. Read books
  13. Make fidget spinners 
  14. Create your bingo tournament
  15. Create a family tree 
  16. Allow your kids to write and direct a movie
  17. Learn how to play a new card game
  18. Teach your kids how to juggle
  19. Practice origami 
  20. Create a maze inside your house
  21. Play with sidewalks
  22. Indoor soccer
  23. Pizza party
  24. Paper Plane contest
  25. Make your own popsicles 
  26. Write secret messages with invisible ink
  27. Go to your backyard and create a garden
  28. Facetime your friends
  29. Clean your your closets
  30. Play i spy with your family
  31. Have a tea party
  32. Have a breakfast in bed day every single week 
  33. Make play doughs
  34. Create a game
  35. Play the floor is lava
  36. Snuggle with your family and read books
  37. Rearrange your house
  38. Redecorate your rooms
  39. Play in bubble baths
  40. Have a pillow fight
  41. Set a movie day
  42. Have a music night
  43. Build a giant fort
  44. Make a scrapbook
  45. Play marbles 
  46. Do a puzzle
  47. Fold clothes 
  48. Put on a puppet show
  49. Play marbles
  50. Do a puzzle
  51. Fold clothes
  52. Create a new dessert
  53. Play 20 questions 
  54. Decorate a t-shirt
  55. Write letters to your friends

Take Your Time 

One thing that you want to keep in mind when you’re trying to make your spring break memorable is to make sure that you plan everything out before executing the activities. By doing this thing you can end up making everything more fun! 

Do you think we missed out any important spring activities that you should do with your toddlers? Let us know which best spring activity we missed out by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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